16 August, 2008

Iron Man in Dubai

I'm sure we've all begun to notice the mentions of 'Dubai' in hollywood in recent times, more often than not they seem completely forced and out of context with the rest of the movie. But nothing could ever possibly beat this clip as being the worst example of product placement ever.

I'd post the video directly here but it is minorly NSFW/PG-13.

WIRED: Iron Man Deleted Scene Shows Tony Stark's Party Pad

Youtube link: http://youtube.com/?v=KW6jzPVbjlo

(from the youtube description: "Tony Stark orders poor put-upon Pepper Potts to organize a last-minute party at his house in Dubai. Then, after some painfully awkward party dialog that probably should have been cut, he ends up with three hotties in his bed. Cue fireworks, and... it's Bruce Wayne time.")

That was bad.


nick said...

That set looks like it was picked out of Mirdiff! Very tacky interiors I must say...

Anonymous said...

Why would he come all the way to Dubai to party? Why not Madrid, L.A, shanghai or somewhere way better

Rose in Dubai said...

Dubai is popping up everywhere. Just reading a book called Six Sacred Stones and in it they blow up the Burj Al Arab!! Woops!

Cheeky Minx said...

Well.. hasn't Dubai worked hard to reach the current state of affairs guys?

J. Edward Tremlett said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!

I can see why they cut that out of the theatrical release.

Great use of geography : D

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