12 August, 2008

DSS Photography Exhibition

When: 12.08.2008 - 19.08.2008
Where: Jewelry Court, Deira City Center

An opportunity for photographers to display their creativity, the exhibition attracts some of the best talents in the country.

In 2008, the Photography Exhibition is open to all creative photographers, whose entries will be judged by an eminent jury for awards. The themes covered are varied and include nature, people, wildlife, and DSS itself. The competition is open to photographers across the UAE and the GCC. On Aug.19, a ceremony will be conducted to hand over prizes to coincide with the World Photography Day.


I am one of the participants whose photographs are being exhibited... I'm looking forward to the opening ceremony tomorrow evening. My "labourer series" of photographs are being exhibited (you can find them on my blog)... am hoping there's a good crowd!


Sheikha M. said...

Good luck Stained! I am in LA and can not go to the show, although I really like photography exhibitions.

What is you blog address, it would be great to see the pictures.

Stained said...

My blog is http://everchanginglanes.blogspot.com/

Though the pictures selected are not on the first page (it's in the older posts)....

The Lady said...

do you know what time the ceremony is?

Stained said...

which ceremony...opening or closing??

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