26 August, 2008

twitter and last.fm

Finally both www.twitter.com and www.last.fm have been unblocked by Etisalat.


DXBluey said...

I've used a VPN for so long I wouldn't have noticed... but it is a good thing they are unblocked

If twitter had a UAE number to text tweets to (instead of the UK one currently) then this would be HUGE in Dubai what with people's mobile phone obsession.

Doubleletter said...

Good to hear last.fm is finally unblocked.

EmiratesMac said...

Let's hope they keep it this way.

Jay said...

still no word on unblocking ALL (or at least the /friends part) of LJ?

Hey DXBluey, which VPN do you use?

ibrahimo said...

I found out that Twitter was unblocked coincidentally, clicked a link and was shock that it actually worked :)

They did not unblock last.fm totally yet, when you want to check your profile or library its still blocked...
Here's what i mean:




Side Note: when I told a friend that twitter was unblocked he said "Too late am hooked on Rejaw" lol..


Abid said...


Anonymous said...

I can not see why it was blocked!!!!!!!!!!!!

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