09 June, 2010

Blogging code of ethics

An interesting article in The National about blogging/freedom of speech/ethics/etc:
"AJMAN // Prominent Arab bloggers have recommended a code of ethics to improve the quality and influence of their internet posts, particularly those in Arabic.
Mohammed Badwi, a Saudi Arabian who is among the best-known Arabic bloggers, said his fellow internet correspondents and opinion writers should follow four guidelines – a clear objective, responsibility for their words, passion for their subject and an understanding of readership.
Bloggers must follow these steps if they wanted acceptance and trust from the public and governments, he said.
The comments come at a forum in Ajman. “We understand freedom to mean ‘say what you want and no one stops you’, but freedom stops when you [infringe] on other people’s freedom,” said Mr Badwi."
Original article here: Bloggers support a code of ethics (The National)


Dubai Jazz said...

Who's Mohammed Badwi?

hut said...

He apparently is a sycophantic arse licker who wants to be "accepted...by the government"

Seabee said...

I wonder whether ABIT/ultrablue was there...

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