23 June, 2010

No more Emirates Business 24/7

Everyone's favorite source of optimistic recession news (formerly everyone's favorite non-negative newspaper) is going to be turned into an e-paper:

"Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Board Chairman of Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI), has given the instruction to turn the newspaper copy of Emirates Business 24|7 into a comprehensive and interactive electronic newspaper that follows up local and international events.

The new e-paper, which will be launched in the second half of next month, will reflect a variety of the knowledge and information products of DMI which operates television and radio channels and newspapers."

More here: Emirates Business to turn into e-paper (Emirates Business 24-7)


Dave said...

Personally I believe it was Dubai's most boring publication - not because of the fact it was business related but because it was nothing more than a glorified Govt press release.

Seabee said...

The only surprise to me is that it wasn't closed long ago.

Back in december '07 I posted: ...it's got just two things wrong. Content and layout. It's awful. Bad design, re-hashed stories, boring writing, years out-of-date photographs.

It stayed that way.

Anonymous said...

Vanity publishing at its very worst. In complete denial of anything negative and just there to appease the ruling elite. Run by idiots, read by no one.

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