01 June, 2010

Israel Kills Innocent Protestors: Rest Of World Not Bothered

I mean, come on, exactly what does it take for Israel to provoke a truly international outcry? In case you missed it, yesterday Israeli commandos rapelled from helicopters onto a ship carrying humanitarian aid to the imprisoned population of Gaza and killed between 10 and 19 unarmed (unless you think a stick is an arm) civilian activists. Get this: the ship was in international waters about 70km from Israel. So, act of war? Piracy? Mindless, vicious and brutal over-reaction? Whatever it was, Israel has once more enthusiastically leapt over the line that divides civilized nations from rogue states.

And no reaction / comment on here? Unbelievable. Here's my full rant.


BuJ said...

Sorry Keefie, you're right and this is a f***ing farce!

Down with Israel, a country that stands AGAINST:


mezba said...

And the world indeed does nothing. Everyone will cry and rant about it for two days and then go back. I don't blame them. If the Arab leaders are ball-less then we must pity the condition of the Arabs.

Gaza Reactions Translated

Lirun said...


entirely unsurprised by this post.. curious to see how you connect it to this blog..

Saif said...

If the Arabs really wanted to do anything about it they would've done it 60 years ago. This act shows how untouchable Israel truly is. With the atrocities in Gaza they were able to make an excuse but they couldn't here and that fact shows how untouchable they are.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes. The zionists are members of the nuclear country club. They lead the u.s. around by the nose and receive massive military support from them. Around three billion a year that's disclosed. No amount of international outcry would change the course that's been chosen.
I think it's time to accept that the wheel of history has completed another turn. Another empire is about to collapse. Unfortunately, this time, it will take much of the world down with it.
Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

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