30 June, 2010

UAE Celebrates Mashable Social Media Day

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Mashable has declared that 30th June should be celebrated as Social Media Day worldwide. There are over 615 meet ups worldwide. UAE (mostly Dubai) is celebrating this at The Shelter tonight.

Here we have tried to lend a hand and throw the spotlight on some of the small businesses in the community as well as a platform to share some of the interesting community projects from recycling to using public transport to saving the Hammour, being selective in our consumerism.

As part of the online community – this event is open to all – so please join us this evening from 7 pm onwards with talks beginning at 7.30pm.

See you all there.


hut said...

I have no idea what mashable is, except for potatoes which are mashable. Mash goes really well with Cumberland sausages and mustard. And of course MASH is one of the greatest films of all times, although I liked the TV series better. Alan Alda was better than Donald Sutherland. I am sorry that bangers and mash do not have a twitter account so you may not know what I am talking about, although judging from your profile photo you are well acquainted with food.

I realize that media people own the world and I really do live under a rock because I am one of these unsophisticated brain-dead simpletons who work outside Media City. I also do not possess a twitter account or a facebook page. I am actually ashamed to leave my house in the morning without an ibook or ipad or ipod under my arm. I carry a newspaper and pack of cigarettes which makes me feel an inadequate chav. I really apologize for even existing in Dubai, Mita. Therefore I urge you to keep up your efforts to belittle and patronize me for being a lesser “connected” person. It puts me right in my place, which is under the rock.

It seems that since nobody reads your blog you posted this again on the UAE Community blog to solicit response. I suggest once you are done trying to imitate ‘Mr. Media’ Alexander McNabb you come up with stuff worth reading about rather than constantly sniffing up other media professionals’ behinds.

Simple Construction Worker Nick

Lirun said...


squash is good for venting too..

hemlock said...

REAL classy, nick.

Kyle said...

I admired Pete Cashmore when he first started his trendsetting social networking site (Mashable) and presented all news electronic in an unbiased fashion. But I guess, success really got to his head when he became the self-appointed PR for Apple & Steve Jobs.

This looks like a lame attempt to get back the bulk of his lost audience.


Not that I support personal attacks on blogs but once in a while, it's good to vent. After it's done, we can all go back to being normal until the next instance.

No offense to the author (Mita) but I hope you'll take this e-venting with a pinch of salt. I know it's easier said than done but criticism sometimes for self-improvement is a fact of life. Best :)

rosh said...


Yes, mash goes well with sausages / mustard. Apple Crumble for dessert. Feast.

Mita, never heard of Mashable. Thank you for the post.

i*maginate said...

I know it's 50 days late but mashed potato is pretty good when it's sweet, and popped in the oven at 180 degrees Celcius. It's called 'Sweet Potato'.

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