13 June, 2010

Fair usage rights in the UAE?

Fair usage rights in the UAE?
"DUBAI - Blogs, being new in terms of online communication, does not have a bad impact on intellectual property rights, but development of awareness and precautionary regulations are needed to avoid violations, according to a legal advisor.
“The situation is quite different in the West as numerous blogs have become more specific, even scientific, and they have turned into a real business worth millions of dollars. Thus, IPR infringements are now a phenomenon there,” said Khalid B El Nour, Legal Advisor with Dubai Customs.
Nour said even some big news agencies have committed such violations by re-broadcasting others’ wires and feeds without permission, claiming lack of funds or financial deficit.
“Some cyber quotations may be permitted under certain policies, such as Fair Dealing in the UK, Fair Use in the US or Private Copying in Europe. Nonetheless, most copying on the Internet is illegal.”
Added to this, Nour said similar and more dangerous infringements are expected in the Arab world very soon in view of the digital explosion.
“Hence, precautionary measures are necessary not only to protect others’ rights, but also the blogger himself,” Nour told Khaleej Times on Wednesday on the sidelines of the First Arab Bloggers Conference that concluded in Ajman on Thursday."

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Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

So where does that leave this blog, irrespective of such obvious use of quotation marks? ;-)
Do we need yet more intervention, when most sites include "addthis", "sharethis" plus RSS feeds?

Alexander said...

Did any bloggers from here go/get an invite to the Ajman conference?

Kyle said...

A Legal Advisor with Dubai Customs talking about blogs & (loud & silent) censorship?

I don't the see the connection!

Shouldn't a Legal Advisor from the NMC or someone that is directly involved in media & comm be addressing this issue?

samuraisam said...

rupert: I don't think this blog is in hot-water as it is non-commercial and it also enforces a mandatory policy to link to and cite sources. I cannot recall ever receiving a complaint about quoting.
If anything the quoting/linking of material on this site is usually a positive thing. Quite a few publications have actually asked to have their material on here.
I assume they were commenting more about some publications and other websites within the UAE.

Alexander: nope I don't think any blogger attended from 'round these parts.

Kyle: The NMC is like the TRA is like the RTA: "unavailable for comment".

In all likelihood Dubai Customs has probably been tasked with intellectual property right enforcement so would have something to say on it.

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