12 June, 2010

"Surfacing of video clip creates stir in UAE case"

From The Times of India... 

"CHANDIGARH: Posting of two video clips on a popular video uploading site is creating quite a stir among those involved in the case relating to 17 Indian, mainly Punjabi, youths, who have been awarded death sentence in UAE for alleged murder of a Pakistani youth. 

The case is coming up for appeal on June 16. 

The video uploads, lasting barely a few seconds, feature three men, one of whom is described as Mushtaq Ahmed, brother of the slain youth and reportedly the sole eyewitness in the case, who is quoted as saying he did not identify any of the 17 people who have been sentenced for murder of his brother. In the second clip, the same man is heard responding to a query by a woman interviewer, by saying his family is not interested in accepting blood money and that they would seek punishment for the perpetrator of the crime. 

The videos have also been uploaded on the site of Lawyers for Human Rights International (LFHRI). The organization's lawyer Navkiran Singh, who had visited the Indian prisoners in Sharjah soon after the sentence, had come back to India to reveal for the first time that the eyewitness had not identified any one of the accused."
More info on the case: Appeal postponed for the bootleg turf war killers (The National)


What we need said...

Too many things going on these day in the world.Hope things are changed.Stay fine.

Proud Emirati said...

Was it difficult to simply testify in the court?

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