23 April, 2008

Crocodile found near Warqa water desalination plant in Dubai

...is what they announce. "See tomorrow's Gulf News for full details."

Then, tomorrow, this. ("Fire, croc and mermaid latest e-mail spoofs")

Why report on something that might be a spoof when known the day before? Is this what modern-day reporting has come to in a restricted UAE media scene?


EmiratesMac said...

Second link doesn't work :-(

Tainted Female said...

Heya hun... I'm still reading Gulf News almost daily from waaaaaaaaaaay over here. They are trying REAL hard to sensationalize their paper, and it's obvious - even from the wording in some of the more serious articles. My bet is, it's the new competition they're afraid of; it's turning them into a tabloid of sorts.

secretdubai said...

By the way has anyone got all the mermaid photos? I never got the email, so only saw the one in Gulf News, but apparently there were several.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

soon there'll be UFOs sightings.

rosh said...

DJ: there's been about 3 UFO sightings (as far as I can remember) over the last 20 years - all in the desert. In fact the last one I know off, perhaps in late 90's - seem quite real - the sighting was reported by a few Emiratis amongst them, an Army officer.

i*maginate said...

*thank you emiratesmac - I corrected the link. Long overdue thanks! Btw I was searching for something in google - rly can't rem what...whatever it was, your website was first! Good stuff

*tainted luv - I so miss you. Hope you're doing well down in Canada. Freezing? lol

*secretdubai - dearo, personally I don't know. I just saw the Gulf News article. That's where I get my news of late ;-)

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