16 April, 2008

DIY pump

Motorists using ADNOC are now being given incentives to pump their own gas.

"Abu Dhabi: Motorists in Abu Dhabi, using self-service pumps at Adnoc petrol stations will get rewards of 20 points worth 20 fils per gallon.

Customers will have the option to redeem the points to purchase certain Adnoc products or services except petroleum or donate the money to charity, said a statement issued by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc) on Monday.

The company officially launched the self-service on Monday, the first of its kind in the UAE. A few pumps in 15 petrol stations across Abu Dhabi provide the self service, in addition to the regular service.
The Self-Service option will be applicable to 'EPLUS' 91 and Special 95 petroleum and Super 98, and exclude Green Diesel."

No matter what the incentive, I'm not going to be one of the DIY pump customers: at least not in the immediate future.

full article here


alexander said...


I actually MISS being able to fill up my car, although I miss it less in July/August!

The enormous queues of trucks waiting for their Dhs4 per gallon cheaper diesel are an increasing nuisance, though - the ADNOC roadbloc...

the real nick said...

That works out to a 3% discount on a full tank, almost 3 Dirhams!!

If this is true (given it's a Gulf news article and I*maginate post), then I'm queueing up to get my hands dirty.

i*maginate said...

*alexander...go ahead, nobody's stopping ya hehe! I just don't think it will do well for your image babe! What if I spot you diy'ing it in an adnoc? Well, I guess I'll enjoy the view!

*nick, get your hands dirty. It wouldn't be the first time ;-)

where is the land cruiser guy all of a sudden, I wonder.

Grumpy Goat said...

When the ADNOC is busy I pump my own gas anyway. It'll be very pleasant to get a discount AND still pay by credit card.

i*maginate said...

grumpy goat, I know you're an ADNOC fan! I prefer adnoc to dxb stations but don't fancy getting out of the car and inserting some long thing into it with 100 weirdos looking on.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

what does diy stand for?

rosh said...

Do it yourself - dear lord! how un-dxb like - where are we heading help :))) the world's coming to an end :)

I ain't doing that thing - hell I don't diy gas here in the city :)

B.D. said...

Hate to see it go

Getting your tank filled while remaining comfortably in the car is one of the great UAE perks. I agree all should be more self-sufficient, but I do wonder about the safety aspect of just letting anyone handle what is essentially a highly flammable substance.

rosh said...

BD - true! Have you seen idiots smoking at the pump! Though most pumps have no smoking signage, there are plenty of morons, who smoke their way to instant BBQ.

i*maginate said...

It would be quite easy for the gas-pumpers (by profession) to report those who smoke @ petrol stations. It is a rule, isn't it? Why they don't is either that they're super-moronic, or that their bosses couldn't care less - or both. As they say, the rot starts from the top.

rosh said...

True that i* - it's the law, yet for some upholding that law is either a I don't care attitude and/or spineless.

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