10 April, 2008


Can anyone explain why Vimeo is blocked by Etisalat?

"The main difference between the site and other competing video sharing services such as YouTube is that Vimeo allows only user-created videos, of a "friends and family" nature. No pornography, TV shows, music videos, movies or anything not created by the user can be uploaded."


Seabee said...

You ask if anyone can explain the thought process of the TRA, Sam? I doubt it!

Anonymous said...

didn't they block http://secretdubai3.blogspot.com too ?

bb said...

It's blocked because one day, someone browsed that website and saw, oh horror, a women wearing a bikini jumping in a swimming pool or some other picture just as reprehensible.

The man was horrified and never wanting to see the terrible image again he bookmarked the site; wrote down a lengthy complaint to the TRA who after a careful review of peers decided to block the site.

Now everyday, just to be sure he won't be horrified by that atrocious naked flesh in a skimpy bikini, he opens his bookmark and verifies that it does indeed loads the moral value safeguard that is the proxy page.

All the while his kids regularly browse the strip channel available on bluebird without any subscription.

(This is pure invention of mine.)

Anonymous said...

Ohh... secretdubai3 is blocked!! Let’s make a petition!!!

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