04 April, 2008

New Post

Fed up of cars?

I am.

So here's a new post. From an inferior Northern git.


Anonymous said...

Keefieboy, no one should be fed up with cars!! :)
Back to your subject, I didn’t understand if i*maginate was offensive to the Northern Britons or not? This conversation seems to have something written between the lines that both of you know about. But your responses were not showing this!!!

Keefieboy said...

Hatem: I think you started at the wrong point. I^mag started it with three words 'I heard Scunthorpe'. Why she published those words and what she meant by them is probably a matter for history. I think my responses have been very clear whereas Imag's have been more than a little obscure, if not deliberately misleading. But there ya go.

i*maginate said...

omg lol who's for a donner

Kyle said...

closet whatever, racism, xenophobia

I presume we’ll be seeing more posts on these labels especially by non-UAE resident Bloggers now that they’ve been marked permanent at the UAE Community Blog.

Great achievement – signified with a thumbs-down!

Just for the record, I don’t give a rat’s ass about the target audience’s origin. Moreover, I sure as hell don’t plan to lose sleep if he or she chooses not to disclose the answer to the million-dollar question of this label's predecessor.

Meanwhile, I’m damn sure this marks the dawn of a new era, as in degradation of intellectualism.


hemlock said...

not only did he put up a racist post, he did it on the community blog.
but the moderators never had a problem with islam/asian bashing.

a giant leap for mankind keefie. and all because i*maginate wont tell you where she's from.

Keefieboy said...

Get a grip you guys. It is important to know where people are from when you are having a conversation with them. Without that awareness you don't know what they know: you don't know the context of the conversation. You don't know if they understand your language/dialect. You don't know what TV programmes they may have seen. You don't know what cultural references they get.

And Hemlock: if anybody has been racist in this 'discussion', it's I*maginate.

Anonymous said...

but the moderators never had a problem with islam/asian bashing.

I agree with that! :)

hemlock said...

keefie: you do realise nothing in the world will provoke her into revealing her identity... right?

but i must agree, calling her pakistani was a nice shot. wouldve worked for most of us.

Kyle said...


Seriously, a man of your intellect getting embroiled in a hokey label discussion that should not have even made the rounds here at the UAE Community Blog – well it hurts!

I come from an area in New Orleans where we used to get ourselves in a mess because someone made an obnoxious remark. But not anymore because over a period of time, we’ve learnt to ignore people who enjoy making fools of themselves, being quixotic or in layman terms, sharp shooting in the dark!

I understand the fact that you’re extremely patriotic of your English roots. Well, that’s good. I am too of my European roots, as I never forget to remember whence I come from. So, should anybody take a swing at me, I’d first determine whether they’re worth it and then tread carefully to take them on.

Your debating with this person that’s proven over a period of time, left, right and center with his/her views should give you an indication that it’s losing battle you’re getting yourself into. Like you, I too have been at this person’s blog(s) but I simply read them from an amusement point of view, as there’s nothing there that’s different from all that’s out there. Take it as an online version of sex, lies and videotape!

Now, I’m not here to preach. I just wanted to highlight my views on your earlier discussion with this person and your current label.

Enjoy your Sunday :) as some of us are not as lucky as you :(

Best, Kyle

i*maginate said...


"What's worse than being talked about?" I guess you know the answer!

am not going to bother responding to anything but your accusation of me being racist, which is totally untrue - which logic u r using to arrive at that conclusion defeats me, and, frankly, i don't need you to defend your argument because i think whoever's reading this understands you for the greying old man that you must be, coming up with a petty and childish post like this all because of your Wazirstan obsession. And that makes you...a closet Pakistani? lol.

By merely stating the fact that there exists a North-South divide in the UK, and that, in my opinion, the races could have done with better entertainment, you brand me as racist. How convenient.

And what label does Buj get, when on your blog post he states clearly he prefers Northerners to Southerners? I never even stated a preference so what label does he get treated to?

I even had the decency to apologise for any offence caused, and this is your reaction. You? Your qualities? Yes, kyle, I won the battle. It's kinda absurd for a man of 'your' intellect too, to get 'embroiled' in this discussion! The only reason I am is to show I've read this and what I think of it.

Thx everyone for the support.

Keefieboy said...

So that's all right then.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

i*maginate, 'mabrook' for the 'victory'
Have you, or have you not been racist to south Indians on more than one occasion in the comment section here before?
And what label would you like Buj to get for his comment on Keefie's blog?

DUBAI JAZZ said...

do you know what it means?
To miss new orleans?

Keefieboy said...

Oh, wait 'greying old man'! Now I'm pissed off.

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