13 April, 2008

Du block #2

secretdubai's blog was the first known one, and now, who knows what's next.

I'd better start saving the contact info of all my facebook pals!

Du has just sent out this text message:

"Dear valued customer, we wish to inform you that from 14 April 2008 we will be blocking sites with content that do not conform to the moral, social and cultural values of the UAE. Thank you."

This is really strange. If a warning is given, at least it could be mentioned which popular sites will be blocked. I know facebook is among the top 20 most accessed sites in the UAE, and so is blogger.com

Fellow blogger alexander has written an excellent piece featured in arabianbusiness.com entitled "Internet censorship is bad for progress" found here

Have a good day everyone!


Anonymous said...


As a du customer I was very happy to have unrestricted and fast internet access (compared to esalat). These days are now gone. I hope it doesn't influence online gaming (PS3) as esalat customers always complain and I was so happy to be with du.

Damn, don't know if I should scream or cry a river.


Paraglider said...

I'm sure I'll be safe. All I do is write about Dubai's no. 2 hotel. What could be more innocent, more wholesome?

Seriously though, I can't imagine the whole of blogger being blocked.

Proud Emirati said...

pity you LOL

samuraisam said...

I'm going to sit on my high-camel and laugh my ass off at all the du-customers that have been having a bit of trouble in accepting a nice cuppa STFU about their stupid uncensored connections.

Welcome back to the stone age, bitches.

Paraglider said...

- pity you LOL -

no need - it's called humour (plus blatant self-promotion, of course)

non-threatening, really ;)

Anonymous said...

In related news, the CSS & Javascript have been blocked on Facebook by Etisalat. Making facebook unusable.

Their automated system made this mistake before. We should get money back eveytime they make these 'mistakes'.


ganDU said...

Are DU areas facing this problem as well with facebook?


bb said...

anonymous: Maybe the CSS was offensive. :)

Hatem said...

Today, I came home to find the TV service broken and Facebook useless! But water and electricity are still there! Ah, and internet too!

Anonymous said...

Gulfnews: Recently, there have been many complaints from du internet users on the lack of filtering out offensive websites.


I'll believe this bullshit when they start closing down night clubs/whore houses first.

Paraglider said...

Anonymous said - I'll believe this bullshit when they start closing down night clubs/whore houses first. -

My point exactly. The hypocrisy would be unbelievable if it were any surprise.

ali900 said...

the more you block, the more people just get curious :P

Tee Roelofs said...

Du is literally the worst service provider I have ever had the misfortune to be forced to use (its not like I have a choice with a monopoly). Their internet access costs 10x the price of any UK provider and doesn't even reach the same speeds and then they block everything. You need to use a VPN or proxy service to get around this blocking. Just call up an overseas friend and get them to search this for you. Du is crap and the UAE is blocking more and more every day.

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