12 April, 2008

du has 'adult' content

Khaleej Times has a shocking report on adult content that is accessible via du internet connections.

""I have been an etisalat customer for long and recently happened to use the du Internet. I was surprised to find that a site which was inaccessible in the etisalat network was available in du," claimed a user.

Another user who did not wish to be identified questioned whether regulations for both operators were different. “I have also stumbled across web sites on the du Net that are inappropriate. As far as I know, such web sites are blocked automatically in the country. However, it means that we have to be extra careful when children are around as they might be able to access content that we do not want them to see,” he said. In a statement to Khaleej Times, du said, "As a licensed operator, du complies with all the regulations, directions and policies, including Net censorship imposed by the TRA. We receive direct instructions from them on blocking web sites and filtering Internet content, and implement them within 24 hours as we have already invested in the infrastructure that enables us to censor the content of the World Wide Web. If any consumer has any specific issues relating to a particular web site, they can communicate it directly to the TRA and we will take the necessary measures."


""Currently, TRA is in the process of putting together a law to govern Internet proxy in the country which may allow the service provider to point out sites that need not be blocked by TRA. However, any such web site that is not in accordance to the UAE's religious and cultural values or is outright pornographic material, will remain blocked," he said.

This law would also give the freedom to service providers and customers to choose web sites that may be educational, scientific or medical content and are currently being blocked in the country by the TRA due to their generic nature.

The TRA official also said that whoever comes across a web site that does not conform to UAE laws should report it to TRA so that immediate action can be taken."

more here


Anonymous said...

“I have also stumbled across web sites on the du Net that are inappropriate. ..."

How can one "stumble" upon adult websites unless one is deliberately heading towards that direction?! If These very people who remain anonymous choose to remain anonymous because they are ashamed to be "stumbling" upon adult websites in the first place! Note the inquiry of the anonymous guy- "he questioned whether regulations for both operators were different." That's all.

The first user was surprised to find adult site accessible. Second user is not asking for adult websites to be closed, but rather adults need to be careful when children are around.


Anonymous said...

those idiots who are saying some sites inappropriate for children, just put Antiporn or something .wt those morons will do when they be outside uae !

it is not about porn only why flicker, all dating sites , video politics are blocked !!

the real nick said...

Whatyaknow. du can't even block porn, let alone provide proper service?!

Proud Emirati said...


get what u deserve now, block them all :P

Keefieboy said...

Censorship: bah! Subsribers of Itisalot and Dunt pay a hell of a lot of money for their services. The least that should happen is that they actually provide those services. TRA: visit the real world and get a grip. Dickheads.

D said...

Ummm ... yeah, how do these ppl know that such ADULT sites are available unless they were checking them out??? They don't just POP up you know... you've got to GO there to see if they're there...
Sheesh ...

bb said...

It's most evidently a spelling mistake. They couldn't remember if that famous video website ending with "tube" started with "you" or "red" and they picked the wrong one.

And think of the children. What about the poor one who would like to check out what his filipina school comrade used do for fun back home and try to search google for "young filipina having fun" in google picture ?? hm? did you ever think about that??

What about that poor dude who's looking for photoshop or office crack online? I mean come on.. the banner they are everywhere.. How do you expect him to stay decent if he can't steal a software without being bombarded with porn???

Anyway, should they care about the proxy? Most office boy brings all kind of crappy movie (including the pinky one) every wednesday...

i*maginate said...

bb, re: "young filipina having fun", I think you'll find the kids can look on on this one. How on earth did you come up with that keyword combination, I wonder?!

Arab Lady said...

I can’t understand what people want...
Do they want censorship or wut exactly

Paraglider said...

big car - small d**k

big tower - small internet

It's two sides of the same coin.

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

What's scary is that this piece if most likely written by the TRA.

They are a lot more twisted than they appear.

bb said...

i*maginate: I came up with it because I've been using internet for a long long long time and it is now obvious to me that some keywords will instantly bring up naked people pictures even if they aren't used in an obviously dirty sense. Especially "young" followed by any nationality.

Of course you need to disable the google content filter (on the preference page) which I did because I like to see the world as it is and not through someone else glasses. If that means sometime I'll see a naked girl when I'm looking for a sandwich then so be it.

And as much as it might indeed be a surprise for kids (or grown up) I still strongly believe this is a parenting issue and not something that should be manage by a state-wide ban.

There are plenty of software, which have been available for decades now that can restrict access to the internet. It can restrict based on content, age of the user, number of hours/day/week.

And in any case, if the kid is too young to understand what he is doing, he shouldn't be using the internet alone but under the supervision of an adult.

If the goal is to protect adults from browsing immoral content, I think the UAE should also impose a travel ban on all Emiratis as they might very well "stumble" on such content when they go to Europe or not even so far Bahrain. (Deira too but how to put a travel ban there I wonder.).

Anonymous said...

You guys are so boring.

Expatriates have no right to complain about anything in this country, full stop.

Proud Emirati said...

I remember how the public (naturally Christians or Atheists) attacked the Muslims community in Britain and the bishop when he suggested implementing the Sharia law regarding family issues on the Muslims only.

We Emiratis should learn how to do that whenever non-Emirati citizens suggest or object any of the laws or norms in the UAE.

R said...

Censorship is always bad. No matter if you are emirati or not. If you want to censor stuff for your children, that's ok, you can do so at your own will. But for the general public, that's just not going to work. It always has the opposite effect, things just get more interesting because they are blocked. And especially kids are much smarter in getting around any restrictions as we all know :-)

Oh and EVERYBODY is allowed to criticize anything she/he wants. That's what is called freedom. If you don't like expats raising their voice of freedom is limited, throw them out. Run your country alone. Become a "real" country where proud Emiratis are collecting the rubbish and work in construction jobs. Then let's speak again. Good luck! Until then, you have to live with expats.

So long,

Proud Emirati said...

Actually the general public are the Emiratis who want the ban to be there. Others, like urself, are guests with no rights to show their concerns or objection about anything.

And no u are not allowed to criticize anything you want, at least in this country. Practice ur freedom. aka freedom to get naked, freedom to watch porn ... etc, where freedom is valued, which is not going to happen anytime soon in the UAE.

and yea, the ones who go beyond their lines are thrown out. Fortunately most of you guys prefer the money you earn than any of ur so called freedom. Or you just rant online where no one can see.

We will just continue importing laborers on our conditions.

Proud Emirati said...

btw, those expatriates who collect rubbish and work in construction jobs at as u call them are the least people who complain or object anything in this country.

At least get that right.

rosh said...

PE: what's with stirring a storm , dude, c'mon? You know there are all kinds, Emi or Expat. It's incorrect if you think most Emi's wish to have the same things, and behave holier than thou - whilst expats are immoral party animals, 'cause there are as much Emi's who are upset on Facebook/Flickr being blocked or dismayed at censorship.

The last time I checked, the construction "expats" caused havoc with protests in SHJ/DXB.

Proud Emirati said...

^^ Seriously, I don't support blocking neither flickr nor facebook. I didn't also suggest that Emiratis are holy or Expatrites are filthy. There are good apples and bad apples everywhere.

Having said that, I still believe that non-Emirati nationals have no right objecting anything in this country. I also don't appreciate any of their views trying to prove their point when it comes to the country laws and norms. They wouldn't accept me trying to implement the sharia in their country for example so they have no right whatsoever to suggest anything. It is not their country, they need a visa to live here for a reason.

I'd accept different views only if it came from Emirati nationals.

Those construction laborers ask only for basic rights, which we are ought to provide, and that is healthcare, good housing and a decent pay. The only reason why they complain is because they are treated like animals, by some.

rosh said...

"Having said that, I still believe that non-Emirati nationals have no right objecting anything in this country."

The powers that be are aware people of varied backgrounds move into the UAE, hence know, people shall raise concerns/voices if basic freedoms (these can be subjective) are curbed. And am not talking of sun bathing, swim suits or drugs - all of which am against anyway.

Dubai is promoting itself to the West and rest of the world, as a tourist and shopping destination. What do you think most tourists indulge when on vacation - enjoy the beach, party a lot and experiment of course. There is little point telling "expats" you have no right to object - when it is your government that's selling out this city as a tourist & party town. And you know what - am infuriated as much as you given similar reasons - however as you say, I have no say, you do, can you make a difference?

"I'd accept different views only if it came from Emirati nationals."

PE: errrm why? for instance my folks 've been involved in SHJ's infrastructure and health care for almost 40 yrs, why shouldn't they have a say in anything which affects their life - you think views from "expats" are ill intended, surely not?

rosh said...

BTW, am just debating, and to an extent realize what you say & where you are coming from.

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

proud emirati,

a) no one gives or takes rights to criticize. it just happens. not you or anyone else for that matter can tell me what I can and cannot say. end of story.

b) the money sucks. most of the people here are stuck paying debts (their problem).. but it's not because they money is good. hell, I'm stuck with a profitable company.. but can't wait to sell it and get out of here.

c) i do think that most emiratis want censorship. at least the ones who do are very loud.

d) i came to dubai under the promise that there will be freedom from censorship (at least in the freezones). this promise is now being broken.so, naturally i feel betrayed and so do many expats

e) not all expats who want proper freedom are westerners. i am not a westerner, but i share many of their sentiments, when it comes to business freedom. personal freedoms are your problem. if you like to the gov't to treat you like a child, so be it.. i don't care, this is between you and your gov't. i have no business judging that.

f) the 'guests' are all you have to sustain this country. seriously? you can replace an expat with another.. but they still will be an expat. like it or not, your country can't survive without our blessings, but we can without your country.

Having said all that and despite me wanting to leave, I do appreciate the UAE for what it was when I first came. But, truth be told, you have a _LOT_ of growing up to do as a country and a people.

Anonymous said...

Dubai Entrepreneur!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for saying all that! Bless your heart and may you find eternal happiness outside of UAE, like I did when I left Dubai last year! :D

Proud Emirati said...

rosh, I understand, it is just annoying that some of the comments here show how ignorant they are about the life in the UAE. They wouldn't complain about censorship if they do, that regardless whether censorship is beneficial or not.

As for Dubai marketing itself as a liberal place, well, I think they should it should stop being hypocrite and act according to what Dubai really is. Dubai in reality is far from being open or liberal by an western standard.

Keefieboy said...

Dubai Entrepreneur: well said! Proud Emirati: grow up. If you despise expats so much, please explain to me how the UAE can function without them.

No expat arriving in the UAE actually signs a bit of paper that says 'I surrender my rights.' They are obviously expected to obey the laws of the country, but I don't believe there is actually a law that says you are not allowed to express your opinion, and I think the whole internet censorship thing goes far beyond anything required by any UAE law.

Proud Emirati said...

Dubai Entrepreneur, thank u dear, you don't need to remind me about the fact that my country is 80% dependent on foreigners.

I agree that the UAE need a lot to do to grow as a country and people but not necessarily the same aspects u might be referring to.

I also have a different understanding of personal freedom that might contradict urs. I do value freedom as long as it doesn't breach others.

We can argue about censorship but fact is that the country doesn't block those sites for the sake of love. They do it because the public demand it and as long as the awareness of such thing is very low, censorship is ought to stay.

I feel sorry for you feeling betrayed. As I said earlier, Dubai should stop being hypocrite. I do believe that free zones, with the exception of residential projects, should have uncensored internet.

Proud Emirati said...

Keefieboy no love, I don't despise expatriates. I just believe that the annoying ignorant ones should stop talking out their a$$.

R said...

As an expat some remarks:

1) Of course I personally am thankful for the generous hospitality of this country that lets me earn good money and have a decent life. I can do my job anywhere in the world and I chose Dubai/UAE out of my free will.

2) I will obey the rules of the country I am in. Full stop. Basic behaviour as it should be.

3) The only way to try o change things that can only be changed by "higher powers" is to complain. No chance to vote, so criticism is the only way of expression.

4) I do fully understand the feeling of many Emiratis who feel THEIR culture threatened by the massive western/foreign input from the large mount of expats.

5) I couldn't care less about the adult content.

6) As a Media Hub that Dubai wants to be, censoring the Internet is wrong.

7) To transform to a knowledge based society, access to knowledge must be unrestricted, other peoples opinions are only opinions nothing more, nobody has to agree to them. Dialogue between different viewpoints can only be beneficial.

8) Why not sign an agreement with your service provider that you are a) non Emirati b) don't feel offended by full internet access c) take censorship in your own hands, and get full internet

9) Censorship is a double edged sword, where do you start, where do you stop. It starts with "obvious" things and slowly grows into more and more areas of your life. It's dangerous. Emiratis will not get the full picture about what the world thinks about them. Is that in the interest of UAE nationals? I don't think so. Being informed means having the possibility to study different viewpoints and opinions. Argue, it's healthy.

10) I think most of the expats (and I agree there are many exceptions) don't want to offend anyone. Some do. But which websites I visit in the privacy of my home, that should really not offend anyone or undermine any believes and cultural values.

Keep the discussion going. And by the way, thanks for healthy dialogue in this comments. It might lead to a few people understanding each other better.


Anonymous said...

My vision: to block anything that ruins my image.

ali900 said...

here we GO again...

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