20 April, 2008

Miscellaneous Statistics

For anyone interested:
Blog creation date: 16th August, 2005 (running 979 days as of the 21st of April 2008)
Blog members: 291
Total number of published posts: 2575 (3123 including drafts)
Average number of posts per day: ~2.6 posts per day
Number of blogs linked to via blogrolls (according to blogrolling.com): 326

Total Page loads: 649,470 (source: statcounter)
Total Unique Visitors: 371,279 (source: statcounter)
Most visitors on one day: 14th January, 2008 (3532 views, 2082 unique visitors according to statcounter)

Technorati authority rating: 73; ranked 123,627 out of 121 million blogs
Number of blog reactions (according to technorati): 373
Most used tags on this blog, in alphabetical order (according to technorati)
abu dhabi, animals, bloggers, cars, dubai, horseracing, horses, human rights, information access, labour, news, police, traffic, uae, arts and culture - dubai, censorship, construction, construction accident, construction site accident, du, dubai architecture, eid, internet censorship, proxy, rta, salary, salik, sheikh mohammed, telecommunications regulatory autority, uae driving,

Most popular page: http://uaecommunity.blogspot.com/2005/10/dubai-then-and-now-1991-vs-2005.html (1.10% of page views) (source: google analytics)
Highest traffic countries: United Arab Emirates (60.58% of traffic), United States (13.53% of traffic), United Kingdom (5.26% of traffic)
Number of countries having accessed this site: 183 (out of 193 countries)

(This section takes only UAE-based visitors into account)
Most popular browsers: Internet Explorer (65.53% of traffic), Firefox (25.76% of traffic), Safari (5.79% of traffic)
Most popular operating systems: Windows (90.50% of traffic), Macintosh (9.02% of traffic), Linux (0.31% of traffic)

Random tidbits:
8.52% of people accessing this site have accessed it more than 201 times.
3 people have accessed this site using a playstation portable.


i*maginate said...

wow - interesting stats. Thx for compiling.

Btw, I was randomly going to mention 'm eating TimTams for the first time, then I realised u're Aussie!

They r truly delicious!

It's an amazing what a letter to 7days can do. An Aussie wrote in ages ago asking where he can get timtams from so I got curious.

Pls give me an award for most random comment of the day.

Anonymous said...

timtams are so the best..esp the dark chocolate one...must remind myself to get some tonight! timtams here i come!

i*maginate said...

anon, I've just polished off 7 in a row!

They are so delicious! The first bite I was thinking what's so special about these things? The excitement starts just 2/3rds into the bite when the choc melts and the biscuit crumbles.

If TimTam corporation is reading this pls pay me a %

or I'm going to be checking out


Anybody from Emirates Airlines reading this pls provide me with a free ticket to Silverwater NSW in Oz

B.D. said...

Nice work. Stats can be quite fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Good work!

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Congratulations comrades!

Anonymous said...

I use Firefox

rosh said...

Brilliant compliations Mr Sam :) Hey, Q - often, I access UAECB via my blackberry. Does such views show up?

rosh said...

Oh BTW, this post is soooo much better for the mind/body and soul, compared to the one below :) So thank you for this :)

i*maginate said...

rosh, it's a refreshing change, spesh with a box of timtams. yum!

nzm said...

Sam: Good stats although the number of posts including drafts is highly inflated at the moment due to what appears to be a glitch in the UAE Community blog "Edit Posts" pages.

Some posts have multiple draft copies also saved which can only be cleaned up by the original author or by the blog mods.

It seems that each time an automatic save of the blog post is performed by Blogger, a new post/draft is created.


i*maginate: Not only are the TimTam biscuits delicious, but the TV ads are pretty good too!

The only way to eat a TimTam

Graham Norton gets shown how to eat them by Natalis Imbruglia!

Harsha said...


samuraisam said...

nzm: this is an error (perhaps deliberate so multiple copies are always available?) with blogger/etisalat; i'm not sure it happens from other countries, but when writing posts blogger claims to lose its connection and so a draft seems to saved. I might take a look through and see if I can delete a few.

samuraisam said...

nzm: although I can mass-select all the drafted posts; I cannot delete them all at once. Even so I'm not sure going through each one and deleting them all is a worthwhile practice as the only persons disk space we're wasting is google's and so far there is no limit on the number of posts (AFAIK).

samuraisam said...

Total number of published posts is 2575; am updating post to reflect this.

rosh: blackberry views aren't counted AFAIK.

nzm said...

Sam Understood! Yes, that same error happens to me when posting from Oz, so it's not an IP problem.

However, the multiple saves of the one post doesn't happen with this error when it occurs with the other 2 blogs that I post to - it only seems to happen for me with the UAECB.

Go figure!

i*maginate said...

Dear nzm - sorry for the late response. Would love to check out the links when I have a better connection to watch youtube. I live in the 4th world! hehe. See u soon, and thx again ;-)

i*maginate said...

p.s. nzm i luv nat. imbrug. she has the widest eyes ever! did ya know isla fischer ex 'home & away' is married to Ali G - that's so cute.

Is Neighbours still on in the UK?

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