02 April, 2008

Naif Souk, WOT?

This goes for hemlock, Naif Souk is gone. Souk Naif or what we used to call Souk Al Sanadik (the boxes souk) once the center of Dubai shopping caught fire !!!

What has lift of it !!!


Am not a conspiracist but does anyone think that there is a relation with this?


nzm said...

Proud Emirati: I think that you should lead the revolution against what's happening.

I'll join you in the paranoia by observing that every time someone reminisces about old Dubai, part of it "disappears".

I remember a lot of suspicious chat around the time of the Oasis Centre fire, and before that, the old Lamcy Plaza. Seems as though fires of convenience may still be happening.

Proud Emirati said...

Yea, sure nzm

The real nick and i*maginate and will be our cheerleaders.

hemlock said...

oh f***! what the?!?!?!
umm... this is terrible... and i am not saying that in a pageant queen sort of way...
i'm so sorry for what's happened!!!
i wish you'd dedicated safa park to me instead. or something less horrific.

Anonymous said...

1st-abu dhabi...500 cars accident

2nd-the fireworks warehouse[fire breakout]

3Rd-bomb blast threat on easter day in he churches

4th-the naif souq burned


Sad emarati said...

proud emarati,

I came to the same conclusion too or is it too obvious

I really dont care about naif cause i never go there but I just want them to forget about this stupid canal that will go through our homes

Desert Princess said...


Arab Lady said...

i duono why i had the same doubts!!

S. said...

I would categorize this under the numerous cases of 'convenient fires' that occurred throughout the U.A.E. That way, the government doesn't have to face another awkward public revolt , such as http://archive.gulfnews.com/nation/Housing_and_Property/10196718.html

Proud Emirati said...

FYI, they did the same to the Chinko Satwa houses 4-5 years ago.

Mars said...

heck out the video of the fire at SHOOFtv

BuJ said...

Proud Emirati.. thanks for this post.. I am proud of you!

By the way, I wish Dubai would erect a monument over the ashes proclaiming this as Dubai's First Shopping Mall :)

We always tend to look forward in this race of life but rarely give ourselves the chance to look back and reminisce.

rosh said...

Can't believe it's gone. This was part of the city's history, character and vibrancy.

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