01 April, 2008

Jumeirah - a beach that was (?)

Does anyone know what's going on at Jumeirah Beach? Where previously white sands led the way down to the sea, now ALL of the stretch from Jumeirah 1 to Jumeirah 3 has been cut off from public, and villas are being constructed on it.
has anyone been there recently? what's this about? is this the only solution to the acute housing shortage in Dubai (building sea-front villas that will sell for over AED 30M each)?
i want my beaches back! last year, any turn you took towards the sea (on beach road) led you right to the sands, and you could drive next to the sea. this is so disappointing. were these developments ever announced?


Anonymous said...

For a second I thought you were going to talking about the sirens at about 9.30 this morning near Emirates Bank. And what eventually sounded like gun shots. Must have been about 5-6 successive and uniform 'bangs'.

Proud Emirati said...

Foreigners, by their indecent clothing and bikinis in Jumeira and Umm Suqaim, stripped the Emiratis from their beaches long time ago. Emirati families rarely feel like going there because of that. So it doesn't matter who stole that from the Foreigners now.

Anonymous said...

Dont quote me though, could have been ars crashing or something else. Just trying to find out what happened.

hemlock said...

Proud emirati, the government chose to give up to foreigners what had belonged to the public. your contention should be with your govt, not with a foreigner who didnt know better to respect your customs.
dress codes can be enforced. if you change the face of a beach (finish it off altogether)... there will be no going back.

Kyle said...


is this the only solution to the acute housing shortage in Dubai

Good line ;)

Although, 30 Mill sounds kinda cheap to me. They ought to like, up the ante if they plan on selling decent # of units on a beach desecrated by greed ;)

CG said...

lol@proud emirati

I have to agree with you, but the foreigners have a new line now, and that is that if you don't like it then take it up with your oh-so-understanding government. Pfuewwww

Do you remember the days of cancelling visas and sending them home in a body bag?

bb said...

Hehe, that's fun. So we can sum up the Emirati's atitude by "If you don't like it, leave it" and the expat's by "Go complain to your gov' about it".

That's going to improve the relationship... :)

Anyway, that project was announced if I remember well around mid-december. I remember that's when my friend and I decided to spend new year's eve on the open beach to enjoy the last days of it.
(Unfortunately the beach was closed that night for undisclosed reasons.)

I, personally, myself, *I* think it's sad that the last bit of free ground in Dubai has been sold once again to the highest bidder. Leaving less and less space for low income workers (and that include Emiratis)

I am amused by proud Emirati, who should have visited this beach more often to realize that not all Emiratis seemed to avoid the place that much. Too proud maybe.

Since I understand "revenue" is important for a city like Dubai (I'm not a Dumb ideologist), if I had been in charge, I would have taken a clue from the world famous beaches around the world and probably tried to develop something along the line of what you can find in places like Boracay(google it). It creates businesses, jobs, nice environment and benefits most of the population instead of the few fortunate.

Finally, I think you should check out this week Xpress, where they talk about a futur possible expansion plan for both the open beach and the Jumeirah beach park with land reclamation, beach reorientation and all that stuff.

Anyway, does anyone knows of a nice open beach where I can direct my barbecue gear now? Or should I settle for a 450AED dinner at Jumeirah beach hotel when I want to eat by the water?


CG said...

there is a nice place called Clifton Beach where anyone (including foreigners) can do it all....have freshly b-b-qued corn, a romp in the sand and even wear whatever you like. It is a stones throw away from Dubai.

the real nick said...

Proud emirati,

Emirati families rarely feel like going there because of that.

I am so very sorry for you for inconveniencing your family by my halfnaked presence. I had no idea!

All along I thought Emirati families had stopped going to the beaches because the three Indonesian maids couldn't cope anymore with carrying a week's supply of Coca Cola and Madam's mobile phone and handling seven children.

Proud Emirati said...

^^ No, my friend, I am telling you, that is not the reason.

It is all because of some of the expatriates and tourists immoral dresses.

hemlock said...

kyle: there's actually only a limited number of the... and the definitely will go for more than 30 :( how twisted would it be if they sold the villas and then constructed marina type hi-rises right at the water's edge :D

CG & BB: this isnt about "us & them" - screwed up as it is, when people go to saudi, they KNOW they have to act in a certain manner, and they get paid a "hardship" allowance for that. if anything is happening that a certain section of the society doesnt appreciate, it is only happening because it is sanctioned by the authorities.

i wonder if they will change the name of the road from beach road to no-more-beach road.

if only people could be blocked because they were not in line with religious, cultural, social, political and moral values of UAE.

CG said...

Hemlock. It is not even called the Beach Road. Only white expats call it that. It is Jumeirah road, and always has been. At least get that bit right.

i*maginate said...

nick...add one bit - indonesian maids busy being raped by their owners.

And proud emirati get your head screwed on for once. Ever been to Mall of the Emirates on the weekend? You big, blind hypocrite to say only foreigners are immoral lol.

Proud Emirati said...

^^ I think u just said Emiratis are rapist.

Regarding ur second note. HELLO, we are talking about beaches, how often do u see local females wearing bikins or males wearing briefs?

This is not a cocktail party so don't mix different subjects please.

Proud Emirati said...

and where did I say "only" u fu*ken fart. Now, LOL !!

rosh said...

i* - MOE true that - and phuleazze nothing happens around Jabal Al Noor at Al Diyafa Road, Satwa.

Kyle said...

Hey come on people, the Jumeira and Mina Seyahi beaches are not only for skimpily attired boys and girls. There are lots of other activities taking place at these beaches. Volleyball, soccer, jogs, long walks, feeling the undertow during a swim but most of all, seeing kids with their beach gear building sand castles, decorating them, jumping on them and starting all over again.

For all these activities, you want to impose a dress code?

Besides, in the absence of parks – which one finds in abundance anywhere else in the world – these beaches here contribute to recreation on weekends and holidays, which are really cool places for fun and be close to nature, as well. So, it’s really a shame to see them barricaded for ridiculous property deals.

Let’s be honest here, there’s a limit to absurdity but at the rate at which things are moving here, it’s highly evident it’ll surpass absurdity in every sense.

Proud Emirati said...

Kyle, I don't think that any of those activities require neither bikinis nor breifs.

Now, am generious here, the ideal situation is that those people should be treated as Saudi Arabia treat them but as I said am generious :P

I don't think that we need to see half of their butt, their legs or their boobs lines to enjoy any of those activities.

If they want to tan their body, they can always come to my house where they don't bother the public. LOL

Kyle said...

Proud Emirati:

If they want to tan their body, they can always come to my house where they don't bother the public. LOL

There you go again!

Contradicting yourself by saying come to my house when you previously admitted that the eleven bedroom house belongs to your parents ;) LOL ;)

hemlock said...

cg: frankly, i dont care who christianed it "beach road" - the whites, yellows, reds, browns, blues, greens or pinks. it was a fitting name for a beautiful road... and the beaches were gorgeous.
my point, to begin with, was that it's deplorable that pristine beaches are beings turned into private property.
(for further explanation, please refer to kyle's 2nd comment. she puts the message across much more eloquently than i do)

Kyle said...


she puts the message across much more eloquently than i do

He..., Young Lady, not she ;)

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for those who think Indonesian maids are here to work. 3/4 of them don't mind sleeping with other guys even if they're married, as long as you're paying they'll do whatever you like, once the cash stops the crybaby face got raped will start to appear.

Their only work is sleeping with customers and get a better offer and go work for someone else and then she finds out the she's nothing more than a slave that has to accept any customer that shows up when she falls into asians hands that run their own business here.

They seem to be very familiar with earthquakes, but still want to continue what they do best *Black...cough...Magic*

What goes around....comes around.

hemlock said...

@ kyle: oops! my bad, ya a'khi!

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

I have known very few emirati's so far. They don't appear to like to mix with others very much. They do, from a distance. But, the few that I have gotten to know, wear briefs and bikinis just fine. They don't necessarily do so in public and that's the difference. Because, a 'proud emirati' might stumble in and make a big deal of out of nothing.

I do tend to agree with the general sentiment of having emirati's take up issues with their government. It is, after all, the government's job to serve you. If you don't like the food you have been served at the restaurant, you ask for it to be replaced. So, as your gov't to replace the plans it has served you with.

It's not like the UAE gov't is half as bad as most Arab gov'ts. They do tend to listen to reason. It just needs to make economic sense.

the real nick said...

Dubai entrepreneur,

Your comparison is flawed. Unlike chosing a restaurant and entering into a commercial/contractual relationship when placing an order, Emiratis did not chose their government. Not recently,anyway! I guess at one point in distant time, somewhere in a tent way outta there, camels and women changed hand and the Maktoums were chosen to be tribe leaders.
Government is a family and their cronies. You are in, or you are out (of favour.)

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