22 April, 2008

Your View

Yet another publication favors the same local spot: "Al Wathba inmates get internet access.".
After reading "Five-star quality food for prisoners", one could seriously doubt that the Force Majeure behind the publisher and the beautifying initiatives is one and the same.
(Last paragraph of the "National moment for newspaper launch")
Personal opinion: Not the right choice for new national paper.


bb said...

What I think is more funny is that the front page of The National "news" section features two article about Dubai's officials caught either taking bribe or raping someone.

The WAR is ON between Abu Dhabi and DXB... it will be fun to watch. :-)

* Immigration official sacked in bribe scandal

An immigration officer from the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department has been sacked for allegedly taking bribes.

* Dubai officer on trial for rape

A policeman on trial for the kidnap and rape of a young woman allegedly used a marriage proposal as bait.

samuraisam said...

Maybe all my ranting about Al Wathba finally achieved something?

Doubtful. But it's nice to see a change.

Anonymous said...

bb, those stories are being reported in Gulf News too.

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

You've got to wonder what Essam Al Ghalib has done wrong to get those stories to report.

Could it be that reports about UAE prisons are coming out (as a result of the insane drug laws) that they thought, might as well make the prisons worthy of western civilization?

I'm not being sarcastic.. seriously! I think it's a good thing. Motives are irrelevant if the result is good and this is a good case in point.

Proud Emirati said...

@ bb, I expected something like that from the beginning. LOL D

Anonymous said...

This is good stuff always better than reading the faggots on gulf news with their views on the mall their house their maid their TV their rent their weather and all of those PEDESTRIAN views which makes gulf news the steaming pile of crap it is

DUBAI JAZZ said...

their urban section is quite good and the articles are written with integrity and straight-forwardness.
unlike gulf news overdramatized sucking to Dubai!

any idea where to get the hard copy?

secretdubai said...

The National is exactly as I imagined it would be. It is an Abu Dhabi carbon copy of Emirates Today.

What else can we really expect from any newspaper in the UAE, in the current media climate?

In a way, perhaps it's nice for Abu Dhabians to finally get the kind of village gazette that us Dubaians have enjoyed for so long. For proper comment, there's this place and the rest of the blogosphere, and international newspapers.

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