02 April, 2008

New SALIK Gates?

A friend forwarded an email she got yesterday outlining three new SALIK gates that are due to open in July: Maktoum Bridge, Floating Bridge and SZR near Safa Park. An Arabic newspaper I'm not familiar with (Ittihad) was quoted as the source. Does anybody know anything about this, or did we all just fall for an April Fool's prank?

(Seems to me that putting a gate on a "temporary" bridge doesn't make much sense, but what do I know? It sounded plausible, which is why I ask.)


Proud Emirati said...

Yea, I read it in Al Ittihad newspaper like 2-3 weeks ago. They were quoting the company putting those gates and not the RTA though.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

here is the link:



DUBAI JAZZ said...

Another funny tweak from the RTA in the article: it seems that the revered RTA was a bit suspicious about the success of Salik, specially when it was under grueling criticism in the media, however, the spectacular demand to buy the tags (which had surpassed 600,000) had calmed them down a little bit… apparently, they are now missing the rush of adrenaline and would like again to sit at the edge of their seats watching whether the new gates will 'succeed' or not…

But the tags are already sold right?

I wonder how they will measure success this time.

But seriously, what is the criteria of success for RTA? 'cause if the traffic is reduced through the gates then the business is bust, and then if the business if flourishing then the customer is not happy with all the traffic….

It's all kinda bizarre if you ask me…

Well I guess I need to hit the sack right now, goodnight everyone…

Anonymous said...

Since we all know adding new salik gates is useless and no proper alternative routes exist, I can only assume it is used to fund new roads.

RTA blindly lies in our face cuz they know we cant do anything about it

Anonymous said...

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