19 April, 2008

Photoshop the Burj Al Arab - fark.com

An interesting photoshop competition is taking place on fark.com

Thanks to a random totalfarker for the tip


bb said...

Should that site be banned now that it's making fun of one of Dubai icons?

Where is the respect of the moral values of the UAE there?

DUBAI JAZZ said...

The photo with the sikh guy and the plane zooming toward the burj, what is it supposed to mean?

samuraisam said...

dubai jazz: WTC guy

Anonymous said...

hilarious...i love the star trek, as well as the one showing the threat levels, as well as the Jetsons one....loooooooooool!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The black & white of King Kong is just awesome. Reminds me of Denzel Washington's line in Training Day 'King Kong ain't got sh#t on me'.

Jayne said...

There are some really creative people 'out there'! My favourite is the 'Level Orange'

bb........they make fun of camels too........so should they be banned for that as well? Lighten up!

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