05 March, 2009

Burj Al Arab PC case

Engadget shares this:

That's right. A Burj Al Arab computer case (price is ~400$ US)

More here and here

Also find a review of sorts here


Stained said...

hahahha!!!! Ridiculous!!!

Anonymous said...

Trying to pay their debts in anywa ? hahahaha

Rose in Dubai said...

LOL! Tacky but cute! Will probably be valuable one day after global warming has sunk the Burj without trace!

samuraisam said...

Rose in dubai: Actually as far as PC cases go it's pretty nice; Lian Li (the company that manufactures this case) is a very nice brand; the price tag I put on the post is wrong, it's actually 500 US dollars-- that's over 1500 AED for a pretty nice case (that doesn't include any parts or anything)

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