22 March, 2009

“Dubai Culture” unveiled as the new brand identity of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority

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Dubai Culture and Arts Authority announced today that it has been transformed into - Dubai Culture -, a new brand identity that will elevate and project the cultural scene of Dubai.

This announcement has coincided with the transfer of all the Dubai heritage sites such as the Dubai Museum, the Shindaga Heritage Area, the Union House, Al Bastakiya, the old souks, Hatta Heritage Village and many others, under the umbrella of Dubai Culture. This reinforces the Authority’s role to promote and preserve the rich culture and heritage of Dubai as well as educate the Emiratis, residents and visitors on the boundless creativity of this city.

Dubai Culture will continue to operate as an Authority with the strategic vision to position Dubai as an Arabian, vibrant and global city that shapes 21st century culture and arts in the region and the world, and the mission to actively support and drive Dubai's development as a dynamic culture, heritage and arts centre by creating an environment that facilitates and inspires cultural activity. The Authority’s mandates are in line with the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015 which makes it responsible for enriching Dubai’s cultural environment by:

•Improving the governance of the cultural sector
•Upgrading the regulatory framework for cultural organizations
•Developing the physical infrastructure to promote cultural activities
•Increasing awareness and interest in cultural activities
•Identifying and nurturing talent, and
•Focusing on availability of quality cultural activities

“It was exactly one year ago when His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, instructed the creation of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. It was established to fulfill His Highness’s vision, set out in the Dubai Strategy 2015, to build upon Dubai’s status as a world-renowned multicultural city and contribute to culture and arts renaissance in the region and the world,” stated Dr. Omar bin Sulaiman, Managing Director of Dubai Culture .

He pointed that “Since then, our initiatives have successfully achieved several milestones in terms of increasing substantially of the artistic and cultural activities and environment in Dubai. But most importantly, we have been able to enhance the culture of arts and expand awareness – this has been our most critical achievement in the past one year.”

“Now, as we are poised to embark upon the future, we need to transform ourselves with the changing demands of the times and become even more dynamic, synergetic and versatile. We believe that our new identity – Dubai Culture – will express our progressive strategy, expanded responsibilities, and vision which is imbued with the Dubai Spirit. The Arab World is witnessing a renaissance and I am sure that Dubai will continue to play a pivotal role in not only prolonging, but leading and sustaining, this rebirth,” Dr. Omar added.Dr. Omar bin Sulaiman pointed out that the Authority, under the leadership of H.H. Sheikh Majid Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Culture, will build on the city’s rich culture and vibrant arts scene and simultaneously strive to promote and nurture Emirati talent to drive the Arab cultural renaissance and position Dubai amongst the leading cultural cities of the globe.

“Armed with our new identity and our strategic direction, Dubai Culture will create an ideal environment – physically, culturally while continuously increasing awareness of Dubai’s thriving cultural scene, wherein we are sure to achieve the expectations of our leadership, ” Dr. Omar added.


samuraisam said...

Press release?

Keefieboy said...

Nice logo.

Anonymous said...

yaah wish i had a sign like that - the loops and all

googler said...

Isn't is that Dr. Omar bin Sulaiman already a chairman of Dubai Ports or something?

hemlock said...

roflol @ anon 23:01.
priceless :)

Nature Strikes Back said...

Art Dubai used to be called the DIFC Gulf Art Fair. Fine. Art Dubai sounds much better. This year the Art Fair formerly known as 'Creek' was re-branded Al Bastakiya Art Fair. Fine. Necessary in line with plans to promote the area and the name is out there anyway both historically and in relation to new initiatives like the Al Bastakiya Souk.

But this re-branding does seem a bit strange. The DCAA is only a year old, is a perfectly good name and has a handy acronym so why the confusing add-on? Perhaps 'Arts' jumped ship and 'Authority' was made redundant? :)

BuJ said...

mabrook el renaming :)

Dubai Nikolai said...

why is Ms StrikesBack whinging again? "Dubai Culture" is snappy and to the point, clearly good to drop the reference to arts and culture covers everything from Arabian Horses to architecture to daubings on canvas. DC...has a ring to it, no? Not an accronym though, Miss Strikes, an abbreviation.

nzm said...

Dubai Nikolai:

You should really look up the definitions of acronym and abbreviation before you post.

Although acronym is a form of abbreviation, Nature Strikes Back has used it in its correct form.

Nature Strikes Back said...

Thanks nzm! Very much appreciated... yeah .. do yr homework DubNik ..

Anonymous said...


Culture and art and blah blah are always half assed in Dubai. Hell, 1/4 assed in Abu Dhabi.

This has become a country that's only motivation is money, but who attempts to give the impression that it hasnt forgotten where it came from with these sad attempts.

2:22 PM: "Culture!"

10:34 PM: "30 minutes one khandreed dirkhams!"

This is a Good logo for bad comedy. nothing more.

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