05 March, 2009


Like any god fearing unemployed expat on visit visa, I put an ad in GNads4u.com looking for a suitable vacancy.

In two days I have received no less than 20 resumes in my mail inbox :( I did make clear that I am LOOKING for a job and not APPLICATIONS for one... How disappointing!!

GNads should mention 'Jobs Available' instead of 'Available'


fornls said...

Very funny situation.. That shows the extent of the economic problems we have now.
Many readers will understand that you are looking for a vacancy and not looking to fill a vacancy that your organization has.
The number of people in hurry who misunderstand this increases in bad times. That is what must have happened.

You need to do lot of sorting out and waiting before you get a chance.

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

This is not special to the 'tough times' we are in. People don't read. Yes, even those looking for a job. They just randomly send their CV's to whatever email address they find, regardless of what the position is.

In fact, I bet you can put an ad up for an office admin who will perform dances and sing to entertain the manager and still get thousands of CV's.

I dare you try it!

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