30 March, 2009

DEWA - Consumer Award

In an unusual turn of events, DEWA chose my father to be one of its 'Best Consumers'.

Along with a lot of goodies like power saving bulbs, water filters, t-shirts, chocolates, stress balls, soft toys and calenders, he was awarded with this :

and this :

and this :

It was totally random, he got a call a month or 2 ago informing him he had 'won'. No one really paid attention, until he got an sms last week asking to appear at the DWTC with a recent DEWA Bill. I also recall someone from DEWA stopping by once asking a lot of questions like, when was the last time we were on vacation, size of the apartment, number of people staying and the relations between them.

Basically, they were keeping a watch on a number of customers whose electricity and water consumption has been decreasing over the past few years and we turned out to be one of them!

A very surprising gesture from the government of Dubai! Although I somehow feel they went a little overboard with the 'prize' and freebies, I have noticed DEWA making a lot of efforts on creating awareness. Sometime last year they were handing out pamphlets on ways and means to minimise unnecessary water and electricity usage.

Are you doing your share at home and work?


Anonymous said...

Word to the wise, You blocked out the name on the check, smart, but you left the sorting codes on the bottom. Not likely, but technically possible for someone, especially if they work at a bank, especially THAT bank, to know exactly who that check was made out to.

I'd suggest blurring that out too.

rosh said...

Mabrooks! SEWA should/could take note..or perhaps they have?

DaddyBird said...

Kinda funny, but still a pretty decent way to get the message out. Certainly a much better idea than what many agencies and businesses come up with!

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Mabrooks. A good gesture.

Anonymous said...

thats a wonderful gesture from DEWA.

Perhaps you should post what exactly your family did to minimize consumption... what is the size of your family and how big? if you have ideas that could inspire others, please share.

keep it up

Media Junkie said...

congrats. i wonder if dewa notices the fact that i'm hardly home. *hint*

kaya said...

Mabrook! Fantastic.
Thats awesome. Your Dad must be pleased and proud.
ADWEA you paying attention?

CG said...

Alf Mabruk to your family.

A few questions then: How many showers are you allowed under this strict regime?

I have an empty apartment, why did I not win?

Did they put this in the newspaper? I missed it.

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