18 March, 2009

PSA: Blog redesign

Starting tomorrow anywhere from 8 AM-2 PM I will be ditching the current design of this blog and moving to something that will look more like this (finally found a template that looks as similar as possible from here)

This design change has been on the tables for a long time (since the new blogger design platform was introduced) and is finally going to be implemented. Although I will try to move all the old design elements to the new design, some things will be left behind until a later date.

During this time the blogrolls will be inaccessible until they are manually copied over to the new blogger format.

Posts and comments will remain accessible during this time and shouldn't be affected; in any case all posts have been backed up along with the old design.

The advantages of the new design are as follows:
  • what will hopefully be a clearer, faster loading webpage
  • cropped blogrolls that only highlight the 5-10 most recently updated blogs (this means more page views for you)
  • much easier blogroll management (this means faster blogroll additions/editing)
  • easier integration with web 2.0/3.0 content (twitter, youtube, facebook, etc etc etc
  • more of a compact/streamlined design that means no more scrolling down 4 pages all through the blogrolls
  • faster loading, easier navigation and better everything (hopefully) for mobile/blackberry etc users.
  • blogrolls will no longer serve advertisements when used
What will be different:
  • stricter no-advertising/SEO due to the high-traffic nature of the blogrolls
NOTE: Due to electricity outages in my area the upgrade is a little behind schedule


Harsha said...

A real welcome will be the highlight on the updated blogs only. Although, could there be a link provided with the list of blogs.. sometimes I'm looking for a blog and browse through the list on the community blog.

I know you dint ask for suggestions but I gave some uninvited input anyway :oP

Overall, Its a refreshing change. Maybe you could maintain those images that randomly appear on the right. The falcon.. Sh. Zayed, the Camel, the dhow, etc. Makes it more homely :o)

SM said...

The one thing that I always wanted on this blog was "Newer Post/Older Post" links.

So I'm completely satisfied with the new design. Good work Sam!

Media Junkie said...

awesome. i applied a new design to mine too and i always wanted a three-column blog.

PS: could my blog get updated? It's still stuck on the old URL.

Media Junkie said...

oh i forgot to add my new one:

from the old one:

Lirun said...

mine is new too.. im totally digginit - i went for a more radical change though

samuraisam said...

harsha At the bottom of each list there is an 'all blogs' link; though it does not show them alphabetically.

media junkie: adding it..

A small tip for anyone reading but not commenting: the new design really favours blogs that have RSS feeds so make sure you have them active.

Other than that I'm up for suggestions as to what people want/don't want and also mention here if you have any technical problems; I've tried the new template on a variety of browsers (chrome, firefox, internet explorer (32+64) and safari as well as on my mobile phone and all seems well..

Kyle said...

Congratulations Admin.

Fresh new look is always a welcome :)


Yours is what I'd call 'College-Look'. Well done surf dude :)

Harsha said...


Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

It is against the law to dislike the new uae community blog. failure to like it will lead to fine, jail or deportation.

also if you dont like it then you can leave!!!!

Anonymous said...

21 March, 2009

You posted this post in a few days!

John B. Chilton said...

Looks great. Loads much faster. Thanks.

Media Junkie said...

thanks sam.

any idea how you got the reactions thing to work?

ive added it to mine, but doesn't show up.

alexander... said...

How much cleaner is this?

Neat work, Sam... It's definitely on the right track...

Tainted Female said...

Your date stamps all screwed. Apparently, you posted it in the future.

samuraisam said...

ABIT, Tainted: You can post-date posts on blogger so they appear before any posts; I intended this so that people know why the design changed etc.

Jay said...

Not really related to this, but i'm not sure where else to ask. What's the number to call for complaints about people bugging you on the road? (Dubai and Sharjah); i had a guy tailgating me today then when he overtook me, he slowed down and then pretty much followed me around from lane to lane causing problems for me. I got his license plate, but need a police number to call. Dont want to call 999, as this isn't really emergency; there's gotta be a traffic complaints line or something i figure.

existential al ain said...

Great new layout. I love it. The only (minor detail) thing that could probably go is the "Reactions" option below the Comments. Maybe a "Number of Views" indicator for the post if you want to have something there. Otherwise, having NOTHING there would be better.

Excellent job though, overall!!

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