30 March, 2009

Grace period for cancelled visa holders may be extended

According to an Emirates Business report, people made redundant during the current crisis can get more time to stay and look for another job:

"The new policy, which may be announced in the first half of this year, is expected to address the potential cases of job cuts due to the financial crisis. Currently, the UAE labour and immigration laws require expats who have lost their jobs to find work within a month – or leave."


Anonymous said...

its about time...

Yo dawg said...

Yo Naseem you look like someone whod love to be laid off. Youve got that smirk when the boss shouuts ur fired.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Naseem, from his smirk, and his posts, reminds me of the kind of person who has an AK47 ready for his boss if he ever gets that news.

Sure hope that boss thinks twice.

theplasticpoet said...

they know no one's gonna be able to get a job. it's just a gimmick to keep poor laid off people in the country in the hope of getting a job and then making them spend more money.

squeeze every last drop before you kick them out

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