01 April, 2009


Early today in support of great communist way of life, a wall collapsed. Fortunately no injuries were reported, however the plan for the great hole in ground for planting potaytets has now been put on hold.

Please find attached pictures [NO CARRIER]


Anonymous said...

We the workers have been waiting for this day. Long live the chairman!

Kyle said...

Yay, long live the wall!

Wait! Aren't walls in Chine, no make that Cheena, China - sorry. Damn this 4/1 bug on my keyboard has locked my backspace - LOL

Media Junkie said...

hehe - amazing!

happy April fools day!

www.hallodubai.com said...

that news is dated 2007!!!

Female Chauvinistic Pig said...

Meanwhile in a so-called cradle of Russian revolution, St. Petersburg someone vandalised a monument to an icon of rissian communism, Vladimir Lenin (Mummy-IV, waiting for it's resurrection in Moscow mausoleum)

Here is a link. Text is in russian, the picture does not require translation. http://www.kp.ru/daily/24270/466268/ :)

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