07 April, 2009

Crackberry Blackberry Storm in UAE

EmBiz 24/7 reports the launch of the BB Storm in UAE:

"Etisalat is the first telecom operator in the Gulf to supply the ultra-advanced touch-screen business mobile...The handset is priced at Dh3,150 plus data package from etisalat."

So with all the latest gadgets coming into the UAE, like the iPhone and now the BB Storm, what do you think is better in terms of functionality, value-for-money and user-friendliness?


Anonymous said...


the data package is cheaper and unlimited

instant im with other blackberry users.

but i would suggest u get the bold since it has a keyboard and less software glitches

Anonymous said...

I am an all time Blackberry user and as I am an IT Head our US multinational company supply blackberry's to all its managers worldwide... I must say, its the best business device ever made.

speaking of the new BB Storm is a different topic.. the storm is aimed to compete against the i-Phone... and sadly to say, they are trying so hard to copy the i-phone... the device is still lacks in many areas behind the i-phone... the i-phone is so fast, easy to use and the learning curve is very small.

the i-phone also perfect in surfing web and reading emails.. but it still way too far from how efficient the Blackberry is.. but I am talking about the traditional Blackberry's not the new Storm.

I only recommend the Storm if you are a Blackberry fan... and you love the touch screens and the extra multimedia functionality...

else.. the i-Phone is the best multimedia phone and then followed by the Blackberry's

its interesting to see the era of Nokia's vanishing behind the i-phone's and Blackberry's which everyone in the world are talking about at the moment :)

my two fils

Anonymous said...

I know the iPhone is more stylish.

Lirun said...

i wouldnt touch one with a ten foot pole - im on holidays now and im barely using my mobile phone..

the loss of freedom is crazy..

Anonymous said...

Here is a youtube link of some guy trying to compare them both. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuEerMCAlx0

My biggest issue is that both the crackberry, the iphone and the google phone (not yet here officially) comes with truly unlimited data plan in every country of the world for around $60 but the greedy b*st*rds at Etisalat still sell it with their overpriced limited data plan.

The real power of those phones is in having an always on internet connection and hundreds of applications that use it for important thing such a checking your mail or stupid thing such as checking the weather. Here you would just end-up paying through your nose if you were to attempt to use those phones to their full potential.

Oh and while it think of it, everywhere else those phones are subsidized by the operators with a 1 or 2y data plan. Here you have to pay for it full price then pay more for the data.

I use a google phone and I'm happy with it. :)

Kyle said...


*BB Storm's touch framework is not as impressive as iPhone 3G, as you feel the screen pushes inwards - can be annoying & scary especially for a first-time user.

*Comes with 1-gig storage with add-on facility upto 16-gig (don't know what it'll cost) while iP3G comes with a stock 16-gig storage.

*Storm bulky but sturdy.

*iPhone not, more so fragile.

*Storm's browsing speed not as impressive as iPhone 3G's (that' because I'm used to Safari in iMac).

*Enterprise so-so in Storm while rumor has it that the new iPhone due this summer will fix major bugs for better productivity.

*App Store leads the way for free & paid apps (all categories) while BB's just getting started.

I know all above is in a topsy-turvy order but I hope you get the picture?

Anonymous said...

Im a Mac user, so by default I should say that the iPhone is the better of the two. But a client of mine showed me his storm (bought from the UK a month or so ago) and the touch/click function is very very handy.

In the iPhone, the second you touch the screen, you have made a selection. In the storm, when you touch the screen, your selection is highlighted. you then click the WHOLE screen to make the selection.

Kind of like how the mighty mouse is one large button... the storm's screen is also one large clickable button.

Very neat.

I personally refused my blackberry. As with Naseem, all managers at our bank are supplied with one. I refused it. Told them to get me an iPhone or dont get me anything.

The storm is slowly making me change my mind. Because seriously, the iPhone 3G (being what, a year old now?) is behind the time sin terms of functionality and features. Just looks nice. and with it costing 3K (or free but with 7K+ of service charges a year) it just isnt that appealing now.

Kyle said...

Just looks nice. and with it costing 3K (or free but with 7K+ of service charges a year) it just isnt that appealing now.

A Blessing in Tragedy:

You can pick up a 16-gig from the market for (no-more-no-less) AED 2800 net. Just make sure it's factory-unlocked on IPSW-2.2 with baseband 02.28.00 or lower. Have it jailbroken if you want 3rd party apps.

The 7K you're referring to implies the Etisalat deal where you'd have to sign up for a data plan. Don't do it.

Anonymous said...

I bought Blackberry Storm back in February and I am so in love with it. I've been forcing my friends to switch over from iphone to blackberry and they are all happy! iphone is just a very stylish (and showoff) phone. Blackberry Storm is a phone with a lot of substance! I absolutely love my Storm and I can't think of a better to use!

Anonymous said...

I like blueberry and of course Nokia E71/E90.

Anonymous said...

The 7K you're referring to implies the Etisalat deal where you'd have to sign up for a data plan. Don't do it.

Yes, I am referring to Etisalat's latest attempt to rape me up the back side. Trust me, I havent and will not. Thanks for caring though.

Dubai Underground said...

I love the black berry !

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