19 April, 2009

Sheikh Mohammed speaks out

It's a very rare thing indeed to hear the man speak. And when he does, it's worth a listen. An Embiz24/7 special covers the entire online interview with the press held on Saturday, as well as report on the current crisis:

"I believe that no preventive measures, neither in the UAE nor any other country in the world, would have provided the desired immunity from the ramifications of the global financial meltdown...Our position is far better than other countries, and encouraging economic indicators have just started to emerge."

I personally think this a step in the right direction, considering the recent barrage of articles on the 'dark side' of Dubai.

Oh, as a side note, he also says there's no income taxes anytime soon. Yeay.


Anonymous said...

Dubai is not only a catalyst of change; it is an exemplar of change.Catalyst seems to be a favourite word of Sheikh Mohammed because he's used it quite often in the past.

I don't know about exemplar. Besides, who would want to imitate Dubai?

Kyle said...

Oh, this is brilliant!

Who needs all those over-priced, over-rated PR agencies or guys like Peter Hellyer of the NMC when the Ruler takes it upon himself to debunk negativity.

All said and done, at the end day, action(s) speak louder than words but then again, I believe Sheikh Mohammed already knows that for a fact!

So, time alone with tell whether his were/are just words across the board, kinda like a temporary feel-good situation, or there's more being worked-out in the background, as we speak!

I won't deny that the UAE has its own charm and I don't mean that from a structural view point. However, if the UAE wants to be a regional or global power house, it has to start by improving its image and reputation by - first & foremost - addressing & resolving all the negativity in abundance right now!

Daniel said...

Pretty interesting - and something I hear has been asked for for a while. In a recent article in The National, I read that even the head of the police force had suggested more transparency would be good.

Engaging in dialogue is a good thing, I think. I'm curious about national and international reaction.

Lirun said...

and then there is how the world looks at it


A Blessing in Tragedy said...

Income taxes were never on the table (not officially anyways.) a VAT (much like a sales tax) was. 2 very very different things.

hemlock said...

Lirun: An australian newspaper hardly qualifies as a mouthpiece for 'the world'. i doubt any ONE newspaper deserves that honour.
perhaps you could offer the story as 'a newspaper in australia reports it as...'.

hemlock said...

And admitting that 'We have overcome the crisis with the least amount of losses' HARDLY translates into 'Crisis, what crisis? says Ruler of Dubai'.

Nothing in the story backs up the headline. Trashy reporting/editing. Unless there's an agenda I'm missing.

Lirun said...

hemlock - its nice to hear your opinions of australia but if u looked carefully u'd have seen that the article wasnt a SMH piece but rather an Agence France-Presse sourced item.. if you know anything about the media u'd know that the AFP is one of the three major news agencies of the world and the oldest at that.. if that doesnt qualify as having influence on global perspective then id be glad for you to teach me otherwise..

hemlock said...

lirun: :) come on, i trust you to be a bit smarter than that. saying an austrialian newspaper doesnt represent 'the world' should not and cannot be construed as my opinion of australia - the continent/country.

wires provide news. subeditors, or 'subbers' as they are known, taint those stories to suit local flavour.

notice how i said the headline was twisted?
the AFP headline read: 'Worst of economic crisis over for Dubai: ruler'which is not the same as 'crisis, what crisis? says the ruler of dubai'.
the connotation of both the headlines is world apart.

the Ruler of an Emirate should not read like the Queen of Hearts from children's fiction, and an intelligent reader should be able to spot such discrepancies.

DUBAI JAZZ said...
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DUBAI JAZZ said...

Hemlock said:

notice how i said the headline was twisted?
the AFP headline read: 'Worst of economic crisis over for Dubai: ruler'which is not the same as 'crisis, what crisis? says the ruler of dubai'.
the connotation of both the headlines is world apart.
Atta girl. That was an epic pwnage.

Saleel said...

That's a good thing to hear certainly. Let's hope he is right and things become clear.

Saleel said...
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