14 April, 2009

The Bright Side of Dubai

Johann Fairy of The Dependent *) reports Only The Good News!

'The Dependent' is a new publication in Dubai. It may be government owned but maybe not. This is not your business. Don't ask disparaging questions. Its mission is to fearlessly counter-report really totally unfair bad news about Dubai (which are not true anyway) and will rectify and undo slanderous attacks aimed at Dubai’s irreproachable image perpetrated by ingrate expatriate bastards who should leave if they don’t like it here.
It will be circulated freely and all residents are invited by law to read it over morning coffee smiling, whilst rubbing their ID cards on their chests three times. If you don’t have ID card you go jail.

Read the Good News here now or else.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Bravo. Your creativity, originality and IQ probably take a cue from your shoe size... IN AMERICAN SIZES.

Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

@ ABiT

Sometimes it is quite relaxing just to laugh and not feel tension!

See how this couple do it:

unJane said...


Anonymous said...

Rupert Neil Bumfrey > Nice. That made me chuckle. I thank you sir.

nick said...

Loving it! :D

Abu Dhabi Blogger said...


Nature Strikes Back said...

... ulhumdulillah ..

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