24 April, 2009

Torture tape revealed

ABC News: The video shows someone "mercilessly torturing a man with whips, electric cattle prods and wooden planks with protruding nails." Later he "pours salt on the man's wounds and then drives over him with his Mercedes SUV."

ABC has the video here.
"The incidents depicted in the video tapes were not part of a pattern of behavior," the Interior Ministry's statement declared.
There are many reasons you might video yourself torturing someone else. One would be to view them later for pleasure. Another would be to show to others that you mean business.

I wonder what "not part of a pattern of behavior" means. Not part of his pattern, or not part of the government's pattern?

Addendum. [added April 25]

The Guardian
US congressman James McGovern has already called for a freeze on government aid to the UAE. ...

The victim, an Afghan grain merchant called Mohammed Shah Poor, apparently survived the experience, because the government later justified taking no action against the sheikh by saying the matter had been settled privately between the two men and each had agreed not to press charges against the other.
McGovern urged [Hillary] Clinton and all relevant US officials to watch the tape in its entirety.
With Capitol Hill soon to review a deal to send American nuclear power technology to the U.A.E., the oil-rich nation has enlisted a pair of heavyweight lobbying firms to convince lawmakers the agreement won't be a boost to neighboring Iran's pursuit of atomic weapons.

Since July, the U.A.E. has paid nearly $1.6 million in fees to Akin Gump and DLA Piper, according to foreign agent registration records on file with the Justice Department.

Both sides of the political aisle are covered. On the U.A.E.'s lobbying team are Vic Fazio, a former 10-term California Democratic congressman now at Akin Gump, and DLA Piper's Dick Armey, the former Republican House majority leader from Texas, the records show.
On Thursday, State Department spokesman Robert Wood declined to say whether disclosure of the Sheik Issa videotape might undermine the agreement on Capitol Hill. "I'm not going to get into a characterization of what Congress should or should not do," he said. Wood said the administration still plans to submit the agreement, but he did not give a date.

The U.A.E., a federation of seven separate states, wants nuclear power by 2017 to meet its growing demand for electricity. Although the emirates are flush with oil, they must import 60 percent of the natural gas they use to generate electricity.
This affair is inconsistent with the U.A.E.'s record. This is not merely a private matter, and U.A.E.'s record has been blemished. The straightforward way for the U.A.E. to deal with the problem is to prosecute Issa. It is important to keep in mind that Mohammed Shah Poor may have settled because it was unlikely Issa would be prosecuted.


BuJassem said...

oh, there are people sad enough to hover around American websites until some filth surfaces about our lovely country so they can share it here. How pathetic and how sad.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick to my stomach

Anonymous said...

Pft. THIS is bad? No, It's a part of human nature. Why is it that people are ok with (for example) a war that could kill thousands, or trade embargoes that could result in deaths, but a single act of torture is bad?

It's part of life. It is. Its reality. EVERY govt tortures people, and every person has it in them, deep down, to do so. I know I do.

I'd also like to stop anyone who will say something stupid like THE US TORTURED PPL. Yes, yes they did, and still do. Like I said, everyone does. That isnt an argument, to say oh, the filth of the world do it, so it isnt as bad if we do it.

I dont want to see any Emaratis making that argument. It doesnt stick.

This person just so happened to be someone related so important people. Not just any important people, but a RULING family.

Most people dont get what that means. That family OWNS abu Dhabi. We live here because they allow us to.

As for being above the law, no ABC, they ARE the law. Once again, not a governor, or a senator... a ruler. They make the laws, and if they do something "against" a law, it will be amended by them.

Some will say its sad. That their opinion, some may say it's good! and thats their opinion. but here is reality:

Its human nature, and not illegal here as the person who did this IS the law.

Simple. If you arent from here and dont like it, leave. If you are here and dont like it, such it up. There arent any other options.

Sheikh Shamal said...

BuJassem, i think the myth of your 'lovely country', not to mention its 'lovely rulers' has been shot to pieces now - a bit like the guy in the video!


If you had any real feelings for humanity you would condemn this terrible piece of cruelty for what it truly is - the work of a mad-man!

Lirun said...

curious about this.. any comments?


Anonymous said...

@BuJassem denial doesn't solve anything. What is frightening is that the govt. is not doing anything in light of this. Is there no law for the rulers?

Anonymous said...

BuJ, what is pathetic? the filth itself or the sharing of truth and reality?

Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

SecretDubai has already posted this, two days ago, post the screening!


Did you think you should jump on the bandwaggon as an interested individual who lives away from the region?
Typical MacDonaldism.

Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

Now I see you approve all comments, well with that sort of democracy, just delete immediately, you must be Hillary Clinton's twin!

hemlock said...

why is this story coming up on the blog again and again? mr chilton posted the torture tape on June 17, 2008, and then sam reposted it with the link to the website on sept 10th, and SD posted the story on her blog two days ago, with a nostalgic reference to the late Shk Zayed...
soooooooooooooooo, do we have to go through all the mudslinging again because a) some one in ABC read UAE community blog, albiet a few months late... and b) the interior minister answered a question?

c'est la vie.

who is said...

It's sickeing how good people in Dubai are at avoiding awkward issues by simply dodging and deflecting the arguments instead of answering them head on.

It's OK to exploit, indenture and virtually enslave labourers because they're better off than in their home countries (which is of course a myth).

It's OK to torture people because other people torture people elsewhere in the world (never mind and differences in context and circumstance).

People that don't agree with you should go home.

Etc. etc.

Shame. Those with close minded attitudes will ultimately be the losers in the end; people in denial are unable to change things for the better.

Anonymous said...

enhanced interrogation techniques, Bush & co would have approved.

Al-ain Rose said...

he's been arrested by his brothers, in the jail now,he is sick, he has a psychological illness,enjoys tortouring.

BuJassem said...

It's pathetic too.

If the same imbalanced people would post as much good things as bad things about the UAE then I wouldn't object so much.

Anyway, I guess they must have seen something good in the UAE or else they would not have come to our good shores in the first place.

Also, I do not deny torture exists in the UAE, unlike say British or American leaders who are quick to deny anything. I also condemn it because it is against our laws, culture and religion. Things most people on this blog probably do not know much about.

Lirun said...

i think there is a little confusion.. the article i referenced is about doha taking a particular development approach and the post referenced above just talks about abu dahbis competition with dubai..

i think its interesting but if no one else does thats cool :)

Anonymous said...

wasn't this posted here before?

ah, and so now that there's a law suit, how many other posts are we going to have?

let me guess:

- the pre-trial disclosure post.
- the jury selection post.
- the opening statements post.
- the witness depositions post.
- the verdict post.
- the reaction to verdict post.
- the appeal post...


Proud Emirati said...

hmmm, I have many stuff to say but for the sake of my safety I can only say that I disagree with ABIT in almost everything.

Proud Emirati said...

oh yes, I totally agree with BuJassem. The problem is that we not only have external hater of the UAE and Dubai we have internal haters too. Very disturbing if u ask me !

Iam Me said...

Aaalamu alaikum all,

ABIT: Its pretty confusing reading ur comments on various posts. I read ur posts being proud of islam n being an emirati. I appreciate it. I too love and respect UAE for the good they are doing. I am an expat.

Being a muslim, I can't justify a wrong doing even if its done by my father. Islam asks us to do what is right. I dont know whether the above post is true. But from ur comment, I feel like its true ( u being a proud emirati n trying to justify it).

Islam haven't given any ruler or his family to do whatever he likes. Any act should be right and justifiable. Such ruthless, bloody acts can't be justified.

ABIT plz be resonable. It looks like u are fed up of we expats n want us out of here. In almost every most discussed posts there will be "If you arent from here and dont like it, leave" dialogue by U.

Please dont take this as an offense. Just pointing out.

Anonymous said...

PE, why do you disagree with me? You disagree that every country tortures? You disagree that torture, much like murder, pride, or eating, is part of human nature? or do you disagree that the UAE's laws were created by a few, and they have the power to change them as they see fit?

All facts sir. All facts. I didnt say that this video was good or bad. I really dont care. Not going to glorify it or condemn it. You wouldnt condemn eating would you?

Is it against our religion? Yes. Our culture? not really, all cultures torture in some circumstances. Is it against our law? No. All laws can be bent given the perpetrator and the context.

Would YOU have done the same in that same situation? Maybe not, but I probably would have done something along those lines. And many would have. I just wouldnt have taped it.

If you had any real feelings for humanity you would condemn this terrible piece of cruelty for what it truly is - the work of a mad-man!

He would? He should? GASP! Of course! we all should and would and could do everything your way! I now see the light.

My only feeling for humanity is a general feeling of disgust and what might be heartburn (or gas)

Cruelty? No sir, cruelty is having children. Bringing sinless selfless children into this, this hell of a world. And if you have kids, I hope you die. Cruelty is KFC, not offering their yummy beef burgers anymore. Cruelty is the mean joke of a 1/2 off gimmik Dunkin Donuts is now running.

This was someone pissed off at someone stupid enough to piss him off. Simple. Actually, Sh. Eissa should have shot him. My personal opinion. Or, better yet, sold tickets to see this live. I would have paid.

A mad man? lol. Very fine line between madness and genius. very very fine line.

Anonymous said...

we have internal haters too. Very disturbing if u ask me !

And when I bring up mass deportations everyone gets their panties in a fit.

Anonymous said...


Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

"Also, I do not deny torture exists in the UAE, unlike say British or American leaders who are quick to deny anything. I also condemn it because it is against our laws, culture and religion. Things most people this blog probably do not know much about."

I suppose we're not talking about leaders-we looking at the reaction of the people. The average American was shocked and disturbed by the torture committed in Abu Ghuraib just as I would assume that the average Emirati is shocked and disturbed by this. I do think that Emirati culture has different ideas about publicly shaming one's government that don't translate to, in the very least, the American perspective on shaming one's own government when it commits heinous acts.

Yahya said...

I dont see what this has to do with 'hating' the UAE? What nobody commits any crimes in the UAE?
COme on people we all know some of the ruling are drunk/junkies who have perverted pleasures.
Now to compare this to the intoregations of Al Qaida terrorists, there is a huge difference.
The Sheikh in the video only tortures the poor Afghan because he feels he got a bad deal, its basically something that should be solved in court. Al Qaida guys who are interogated are preparing to blow up the US.
Maybe you should go and visit a prison near ABu dhabi and find out what they do to supected terrorist who want to destabilize the UAE...or maybe just have a look at what happens to Sub continent labors who decide to strike and get rounded up in a desert camp...
Give me a break if a member of the Bush or Obama family had a video like that leaked to the press how long do you think it would take before that person who be facing a lawsuit?

Anonymous said...

BuJassem, Proud Emirati -- it's the nature of media to be negative, whether it is about the UAE or the USA. If you lived within the US you would see that the media is just as, if not more, bitterly critical of every little thing regarding US domestic and foreign politics. EVERY DAY. At least until Obama came along, and even he is dealing with critical glare. It makes more interesting news. And the journalists feel like they are doing their jobs: holding people to account for promises and behavior. And it's true; they are. People will behave better when they know someone that matters is looking for a crack. Which is why The National and Gulf News editors are not doing their jobs. The story doesn't have to be the Sheikh's actions, but it is the involvement of police in uniform, the response of the govt. This is what local media is for. Although I do enjoy the home and garden section.

Lou Lou said...

The question is..why does Nabulsi have the video? if he wasn't there when the torture happened, then how did he know about the video...nobody is an angel...I just feel so sorry for the tortured guy...hope he recovers inside out

khulood said...

internal haters? are you talking about emiratis who see and understand why there are things that need to change in this country before we can call it lovely? because i'm one of them. i take what the guardian and the independent say about dubai with a pinch of salt.
but just because i'm emirati i can't and shouldn't turn a blind eye to something like this, just like americans cannot and should not turn a blind eye to the kkk or the columbine shooters. weren't the condemned by their own countrymen?
we should be ashamed that our countrymen are treating others like this, without getting defensive nor forgetting that our country has achieved much in a very short time. admitting shortcomings is the first step to greatness, and believe me, we ARE on our way.

Al-ain Rose said...

Some ppl here seems hopeless and pessimistic, they take cynical view of our rulers.

hemlock said...

ABIT: may i recommend you see a gastroenterologist (for heartburn) and stay off fried foods?

Proud Emirati said...

Actually ABIT, torturing existing everywhere is the only thing I agree with u in. I was more referring to the status of our royal families and our constitution and law. Am not expecting u to agree with me so lets leave it there.

khulood, don't overreact and start the drama here. This isn't what I said. I was referring to the hypocrisy of many expatriates benefiting from everything in the UAE and yet trash it whenever they have chance to. I am not specifically referring to this article.

Anonymous @ 25 April, 2009 21:28, for Allah sake this guy in uniform is a mere security guard and not a cop. Am not against the media being critical at all, btw.

Anonymous said...

I think this man is a shame not only for UAE but for all arabs cause now people think that all arabs are like that.SHAME!

Anonymous said...

hemlock said...
ABIT: may i recommend you see a gastroenterologist (for heartburn) and stay off fried foods?

YOu want to point me to a decent one in the UAE? They dont exist. One did... and he leaft for NY since they made him "an offer he coulsnt refuse"

Iam Me said...
Aaalamu alaikum all,

ABIT: Its pretty confusing reading ur comments...

No offense taken my friend, and dont worry, I confuse many.

PE. I'm not a lawyer, and I wont pretend to understand our laws as a lawyer does. But a "ruler" is someone who can do whatever he wants. A "leader" is very different. If you can better educate me on our laws in a technical sense, I would not say no to that.

Al-ain Rose said...
he's been arrested by his brothers, in the jail now,he is sick, he has a psychological illness,enjoys tortouring.

Thats basically why he wasnt given an official post.

Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

Firstly I apologise for my earlier crass comments.

What puzzles me, with all the history of an incident that first arose, I believe, in 2005, why did ABC choose to air now, just as USA Congress is due to debate UAE's access to nuclear technology, through a 123 Agreement?

"An Arab counterexample"

Is it the alternative International providers of Nuclear Power Technology that have re-planted the ABC story, for their commercial benefit?

(I think we are all in agreement that Issa's behaviour is unacceptable in any society.)

Proud Emirati said...

Anonymous, I don't care about the difference between a ruler and a leader, if there is any. Our constitution doesn't give the royal families any more rights and consider all the citizens including royalties equal and that what matters.

Abs said...

Prophet Mohammed said: "Beware oppression for it becomes a darkness (against you) on the Day of Judgment."
He also said: “Allah will torment those who torment people in the world.”

I shudder to think of how this man will face his Maker!

Someone said...

I got sorry for some posts here. For "A Blessing in Tragedy" talking ruthlessly about human nature, I just can say, please for the sake of yourself and other people around you go and visit one psychiatrist asap. You certainly has a disease.
Clearly other people living in emirates are scared to post their real opinion on this stone aged behavour of some ruler's family or whoever he is. I hope UAE government would punish this guy with what he deserves soon and appologize for this behaviour. Otherwise this is an end to a country claiming to be islamic. Instead of concern what people are wearing in malls, it's better first to stop those who make people naked in desert.
"One government can survive without any religion but without justice never..."

Anonymous said...

You certainly has a disease.

Yeah, I sure has many issues. Your point?

Anonymous said...

Abs said...
Prophet Mohammed said: "Beware oppression for it becomes a darkness (against you) on the Day of Judgment."
He also said: “Allah will torment those who torment people in the world.”

I shudder to think of how this man will face his Maker!

If you want to be technical, we will all be shuddering on that day.

Abs said...

"ارحموا من في الأرض يرحمكم من في السماء"

Have Mercy on those on Earth so that the One in Heaven may have Mercy on you.

Emirati said...

I condemn this barbarian act fully !

Al Mulhama, The Inspired said...

Where was the U.S. government when for more than 30 years Saddam Hussein and his gang did this to millions of Iraqis?

Similarly to the arrest for Al Baschir of the Sudan... Where was the U.S. Government when Saddam & his regime of ruffians did so much more that it shakes the soul to no ends, when they supported him and were even competing for the Super Gun by Gerald Bull.

They knew of everything but it is only selective news that gets aired to the public.

Lets us look at the true reason behind publicizing this tape, personally I can only contemplate, but haven't a clue as to the real motive.

Tell me, haven't individuals/employees from the U.S. government done similar things to prisoners... Abu Ghraib et al...
So once again, why bring this to the light?

Human life is more precious than any government can imagine, yet it is taken so easily by many, in and out of government, what a blatant insult to the Almighty.

Kyle said...

Mulhama, I don't blame you for your contempt. But in this day & age, satisfying people is certifiably impossible.

By all means, you have the right to condone this torture and say it's okay but please don't justify it ad absurdum similar to Sultan Al-Qassemi's recent debunk of Johann Hari's article.

Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

"Official Statement of the Human Rights Office, Abu Dhabi Judicial Department"

"......... The Government of Abu Dhabi unequivocally condemns the actions depicted on the video..........."


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