01 April, 2009

iPhone 3G launched for Wasel prepaid customers

Etisalat has finally launched the iPhone 3G for Wasel, according to an EmBiz report:

...the iPhone 3G 8GB device will be available in black colour for Dh3,121, while the 16GB device will be available in both white and black colours for Dh3,570, said a press statement.

Etisalat is also offering free 250 MB monthly data package for six months and one free Wasel SIM Card with every device, providing return benefit of over Dh2,000, effectively bringing down the device cost to a little over Dh1,000.

Would you buy the iPhone with this new deal? Is it value for money?


Kyle said...

Reasons why I won't buy a 3G:

1) No text forwarding except through jailbreaking - that voids your warranty.

2) No copy & paste - ditto

3) 2.2.1 on baseband 02.30.03 can't be unlocked (for 3rd party apps) except thru turbo sim - sucks!

4) No stock MMS - ditto 1 & 2 post-hyphen.

5) Etisalat's data plan sucks based on my BB Storm experience.

To sum up, I'd recommend holding-off on the 3G until the next WWDC (early June) where Jobs will announce a new iPhone on 3.0. So far, seeded 3.0 sounds promising based on developer feedbacks.

All said & done, iMac rocks!

Proud Emirati said...

too expensive

nzm said...

We love our Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic 3G here in Spain. Actually, we get 3.5G showing in some areas so upgrades are being done.

All for a unlimited daily data transfer cap of €1.20 (not charged if it isn't used) with a Yoigo prepaid option that we can top up online.

Etisalat has just become a Premium Sponsor of FC Barcelona which wouldn't have been cheap. Maybe the company should have put that money into bettering their services in the U.A.E.!

G to tha T said...



kaya said...

How many top up wasel cards does it take to scroll on an iphone?

Anonymous said...

MMS and cut and paste will be there in June's firmware update.

But I agree, to go from my SE with a 5 MP camera and nice crap (yeah, crap) to an out dated "looks cool" device is eh.

Also, PE, way too expensive.

For more info... http://www.emiratesmac.com/

Plastic Card said...

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