01 April, 2009


Yesterday, the communications ministry succeeded in apprehending 14 dissidents who attempted to bypass the scheme enacted by the ministry to prevent people from accessing flickr; among the items found uploaded by the dissidents were several pictures of kittens and a photo of a walrus pleading for his bucket, although these photos may sound harmless, the ministry has promised that they were a grave threat to the security of our youth. The communications ministry server has so far caught 312 people this year trying to access flickr, and also a further 442 people who tried to make cheap phone calls using the web-service skype, which is considered a grave threat to the funding of the 5th potaytets field.

The modern equipment utilized by the communications ministry in protecting our internets; this particular device even has the ability to interface with modern typewriters. Also catering to previous requests, the machinery is now insulated should anyone accidentally spill tea on it.

The comrades at the Telekom Revolutionary Authority ask all party members to keep a look out for miscreants who will try to subvert the revolution by trying to circumvent the "firewall of red".

Be Vigilant! Report them for a safer neighbourhood!


Anonymous said...

Long live the revolution!!!!
All hail the revolution over 9000 times!!!1!
LULZ @ Capitalist Mudkips!

Anonymous said...

Comrades these flickr & skype mongers belong in the gulag! All true party members follow the party rules and use new speak.
Doubleplusgood Comrade, for posting this!

Media Junkie said...

viva la flickr!

BuJassem said...

this is a revolutions on the internets...

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