01 April, 2009


Earlier this week, hundreds of people took to the street gathered to praise the 5th anniversary of Salikh; Salikh gates have already dotted the landscape for some time, and some of the revenue raised was put towards a potaytet field.

OVER 9000 people took to the street to show their happiness and enthusiasm for Salikh

Among the people at the spontaneous community praise session was Burakhbar, who commented “Now with Salikh it only takes me 4 hours to pass under the gate at 6 PM! Before it used to take me 4 and a half hours! The reduction in time has certainly freed up my schedule”

Salikh gates are considered to be a great sign of progress and have helped to control traffic on the 18-lane highway

The Revolutionary Transport Authority thanked the public for their enthusiasm and made a surprise announcement of a further 67 gates in the next two months.


Anonymous said...

Starting from today , 50fils of every 1AED that you contribute to the Revolutionary Transport Authority goes towards rescuing kittens. Comrades donate generously!

Kyle said...

Anonymous at 01:34 - debit my paypal account please!

Media Junkie said...

yes! please save the kittens!!!

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, when again asked about profits gained from Salikh, the Revolutionary Transport Authority again declined to give numbers.

Party commissar Evgeny Altayerushki stated that the idea of Salikh making profits was totally alien and capitalistic and that all funds were directly funnelled into the commune for further development of great socialist state apparatus.

the real nick said...

LOL! you certainly outdid yourself today.

kaya said...

OMG! hahahahhaah I just noted the header. UAE COMMUNISTS Blog!!

kaya said...

HAHAHHAHHA!!!! Brilliant.
I wonder what Balushi would have said now.
He should do a guest post someday.

Keefieboy said...

Oh Balushi. How I miss him!

kaya said...

Samurai Sam : When Balushi left, and went into the Witness protection programme, you were one of the few people who knew his whereabouts. If you speak to him, pls give him my message.

nzm said...

Bring back Balushi!

Tainted Female said...

I heard from Balushi just a few weeks back. He's well, but has no intention of blogging again...


It's unfortunate, really. If I catch him on my msn again, I'll let him know you all miss him.

BuJassem said...

bring balushi back!!!!!!!!!
tainted, it's on you to convince him!
sam, it's great you're into satire :)

a-hem said...


Talk about timing! :D

Great job, Samuraisam. Encore encore!

kaya said...

LOL! Please do tainted.

L' Insolente said...

Well! Well! Well! The boy does have sarcasm after all! Bravo Sam! ;)

CG said...


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