28 April, 2009

Chaii anyone?

Lipton has launched this special pack of teabags.
What is special about it? No its not the packing, nor is it any new ctc brew.
What I thought was the cutest thing ever, was that each tea bag has a little riddle or joke printed on the label.
It reminded me of the Walls ice creams I ate as a kid, and couldn't wait for it to finish so I could read the riddle on the stick. It was a battle between wanting the ice cream to last for longer and the curiousity of finding a new riddle. I would collect them and exchange them with friends, like baseball cards.
My kids and I have a good laugh, while I am making my cuppa, and they will read it out and ask me the answer (which is also printed on the label). Now they are collecting the labels.


Anonymous said...

the best one I have read so far is about the week days nameing, I enjoyed it.

hemlock said...

hahah... kaya, when i interned at the walls factory for a summer, my first question was why calippo was cancelled... turned out the packaging was more expensive than the price they could demand... which was fair enough, but it broke the hearts of millions of kids.

but yes, lipton would need such marketing tactics, given how their product
sucks. it's the worst tea in the world.
- by hemlock, the end.

kaya said...

Broke my heart too, I loved Calippo, but I had them in Bangkok last dec, but I dont remember now whether it was in fact Walls.

Aww dont say that. Lipton is excellent tea. Theres Lipton and theres Rainbow, and no better chaii. Truly.
Which tea do u drink?

Harsha said...

we have a cup in the office where everyone drops in these labels :o)

hemlock said...

hmm. it's the red one - supreme i think - also a unilever brand, bah, but what i'd REALLY like a cup of is 'brooke bond a-one karack chai' ;)

Jayne said...

It's crap tea! I bought a box once & every other teabag split, so I assumed I'd simply got a bad batch. I bought another box several weeks later & the same thing happened - poor quality & inferior taste (ner ner ner!)

Anonymous said...

Where to find such a special edition? Any store in specific?

nzm said...

Jayne - stop being so rough on yer teabags.

Let Kaya show you the way to make a gentler, more satisfying cup of tea - with a joke thrown in!

nzm said...

Oh yeah - and Callipos are alive and delicious in at least NZ, Australia, Germany and Spain 'cos I've had one in each of those countries.

In Oz and NZ, they are made by Streets; Germany by Lagnese, and Spain by Frito - all bearing the same logo!

kaya said...

Jayne is soooo CHAV!
I swear nzm , Jayne buys her tea @ Marks and Sparks. I mean HOW SAD IS THAT!!
Jayne its a teabag not the husband. You can only squeeze so hard, yank so hard, and there is a limit to the juice thats gonna come out.

Ben Braddock said...

Me thinks the ladies in this post should look up 'teabagging' in the urban dictionary.


nzm said...

Ben, Ben, Ben - there are more subtle ways of getting humour across than going right for the balls.

I mean, look at Kaya's comment directly above yours! LOL!

Ben Braddock said...

:sigh: nzm, what can eye do?

eye am like an open book, what you C is what you get. no tea-bag riddles. eye like mainstream amour...: sur l'herbe mouillée, vous verrez la lumière mon cher!

hemlock said...

are we still talking about tea guys?
*runs away crying*

nzm said...

Ben: très drôle! :-)

Jayne said...

I am NOT a CHAV innit!!! I buy my tea from M&S cos it's got flavour innit & the bags don't split! As for the squeezing & yanking - er......well.....I know what you were thinking when you wrote that, my little skank! And to think she calls me a Chav, when she wears a Burberry hijab (innit).

CG said...

Omggggggg, all this for a cup of chai?
I never had a lipton bag break on me, and I am a rough one, I like to wrap the string around the bag and squeeze all the life out of it.
I buy Tetley tea from Hyperpanda for myself, but serve my guests Lipton.

i*maginate said...

none of the tea here appeals to me .. i love M&S tea too ...

my chav friends get fortnum & mason tea.

it's a bit like the people who think any visit to london is incomplete without a trip to the chocolate bar @ harrods. and funny thing is, most of the ppl who think that are anorexic so what a waste of hot choc!

kaya i am the supreme chav of all - i am drinking tea out of a flask with brooke bond.

kaya said...

@ Anonymous
Well I bought my pack @ Lulu (Khalidiya Mall) I am sure you could get it anywhere.

kaya said...

LMAO @ nzm and BEN

As for you Lady J, I was not thinking anything other than teabags!
lol@ innit (Chav cow)
Where do you think the tea leaves came from? Switzerland? Or maybe Majorca! Innit?
Careful dahling your "roots" are showing!! INNIT?

kaya said...

@ cg
Yes darling all this for a cuppa. Just think about that first cuppa, on the first day of Ramadan. When you have to go through the day and by 8.30 the head pounding has already begun. All for that cup of tea. And dont forget WARS have been fought over Chai. (Boston Tea Party)
Actually Tetley doesn't make a bad brew. But I confess Lipton remains the best for me.

kaya said...

@ i*maginate
Well at least when you come to AD next you know WHO has your chai in their home.
Fortnum and Mason would be more Nouveau riche like the current LV crowd.
Aah thats a classic that is. Drinking Chai out of a flask. I salute you Supreme Chav.
Oh that Chocolate Bar sounds divine right now... (neither anorexic nor a philistine)

tenali raman said...

Next time you're in C4 or Lulu, check out the leaf tea packs (not teabags) from Lipton and Red Label (actually Brooke Bond India). Read the fine print on the back or side of the packs (no need to buy), jiggle the grey matter a little bit, and try to figure if theyre both referring to the same point of origin(i.e., packing warehouse).

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