04 April, 2009

Record Drive up Jebel Hafeet

UAE champion rally driver Mohammed Ben Sulayem set the first official record time up Jebel Hafeet last month: 3 minutes, 29 seconds.


Anonymous said...

Will this video make General Khamis Al-Muzaina, Deputy Director of Dubai Police YouTube wish list?

I hope so because this speed freak is setting up a bad example on UAE Youth.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I was wondering how the hell that was done in such short a time without getting killed.

Anything is possible in a GTR. lol. one of the best AWD systems in the world.

But this is a bit dangerous. Do you know how many people with RS6s, Evos, and STis (all great high performance AWD cars) are now going to try this?

Because after all, having a fast car automatically makes you a great race driver.

As he said, it should be an event. But I think that one of the guide lines for it should mandate an AWD car. If you attempted this in a corvette, or ferrari, or an M3, you would be road kill.

But congrats to Bin Sulayem. I see he hasnt forgotten how to drive those things.

Anonymous said...

anyone else think this video should be banned as it will have a bad influence on UAE's young driver? :)

Cool vid otherwise, thanks for sharing.

i*maginate said...

Great. Now how many people are we gonna have trying to beat that record...it's not like the highest concentration of fast cars in the world is in AD emirate lol

Anonymous said...

Environmentally friendly and all, racing a powerful sports car up a mountain. Great idea, NOT!

Kyle said...

I wonder how much he would have clocked on descent?

rosh said...

This is CrAZy..an uphill JAH race course? Mabrooks..

Anonymous said...

Like I said, in an AWD car, I'd like to take a shot at that time, and I know about 10 people who would as well.

They should make a yearly event of it. a properly controlled sanctioned event.

And that was exactly what this was. It was an AWD (not so powerful) car in proper racing attire with cameras, a closed off road, and paramedics standing by.

What's so wrong with this? Especially given who was racing it. I think you couldnt have found a better person.

Bikes up a mountain, it's called an international event where the cancer guy on dope wins. A car up our mountain, and bitching begins.

Anonymous said...

will he pay for speed limit fines?

CY said...

Old news, no?

From The National last month (link to full story below)

"Inspired by his feat, four boys — all of school age — raced their hired Range Rover in turn last week, but instead of entering the record books, they ended up in youth custody with their heads shaved and car impounded."


Anonymous said...

TRA has blocked Haaretz newspaper -- which had not previously been blocked, and is a .com rather than under the .il TLD. why?

the real nick said...

Idiotic, sets a bad example for copycat morons, and about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 11:23, this was done to demonstrate support to our loyal & faithful pali bros & sis against the evil joos. And if you don't like it, you can leave & leave us to our censorship whims ;)

Next up, selective banning of Youtube clips. And if you utter one more word, blanket ban except for death wish videos like the one featuring a weirdo.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

haven't you guys seen this?


Anonymous said...


Sadly, I was not there for that, but I was at the 3awafi festival, as I am every year.

It is not only the sand crawling bit though, there is also the drag races and RR races a few miles away, on paved roads.

Basically, the authorities could ban motorsports, as it was for a long time, and have people like me racing the streets, or, they were smart about it, and ended up legalizing (you see the cops, paramedics, and even sponsorships by Etisalat and other companies) it and making it much bigger, and safer.

BTW, that was an 800 hp, turbo charged Nissan 4x4 Sadly, baby went boom (you get used to it, I've had 2 motors go boom on me...)

Very fun. I recommend going to the festival and checking it out.

Lirun said...

anyone care to talk of dubai being drained by foreign residents?


Anonymous said...

Incidently the chase car (driven by matt norman) did the drive 2 seconds quicker.


who is said...

Incidentally someone did it in 3:25 a few months ago car...and yes they have proof. ;)

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