01 April, 2009


If anyone has not yet seen the new Julia Roberts/Clive Owen movie, "Duplicity," or if you (like half of everyone in Dubai) were late arriving and missed the first few minutes, you missed seeing something remarkable.

The opening scene is set in exotic Dubai, circa 2003. The U.S. Embassy ... (embassy? in Dubai? umm... sure, whatever, move on.) A barbecue. (right, makes sense, that's what happens here.) For the Fourth of July (yea, yea, ok, gotta love those American holidays) ... Outside (in July?) ... During the day (???) ... Well. All that is, um, plausible, but here's the kicker: no one sweats!

Ah, the movies.


Media Junkie said...

lol. of course not. actors and agents do not have pores to sweat.

or perhaps they're at that new hotel where the sand is air-conditioned?

DUBAI JAZZ said...

I am pretty sure the movie caption read "US consulate"

But you've failed to mention the most important thing: the exploitive sexual escapade after the dinner. Which was kept referred to during the movie as 'what happened in Dubai' ...:)

kaya said...

LOL! Really!
Was it a beach scene???

Anonymous said...

This movie bored me, made me want to have sex and then made me warm up to it because of the clever ending.

Anonymous said...

It not only bored me, but also put me to sleep. It was a pointless movie with 2 pointless actors and a pointless plot. And seemed to drag on forever and a day.

The ending was kind of an "oh? really?" moment, but that's about it.

I should have wasted time with the jonas Brothers.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I was actually prepared for the Dubai references thanks to the heads up from these Dubai-based film reviewer (they also discuss the corporate satire themes and its connection to Dubai Inc.) I thought the opening scene in Dubai was hilarious and the emirate was often referred to throughout the film to the effect of 'what happened in Dubai must stay in Dubai' -- perfect Las Vegas analogy!

Mme Cyn said...

Ummmmnm. Am I wrong here, or was 2003 way too early for the big building boom in Dubai? I seem to recall that the boom didn't occur until after Shk Zayed died in 2004. I looked at the '2003' pic and said "?" Am I wrong?

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