20 June, 2009

Brits don't do topless

First there was this: http://www.gulfnews.com/nation/Society/10323472.html

Then in less than 24 hours, there was this: http://www.gulfnews.com/nation/General/10323797.html

This is about the warning by the British Government to British Citizens not to bare their tops when in the UAE. What I find rather weird is that the Brits quickly found a voice via Gulf News to complain about this (complaining is a national pastime in the UK) and the tone of the article implies that the Brits are angry at the gulfies for having this rather negative opinion that they tend to take off their clothes when in fact the finger should point to the Europeans (again they imply that Brits are not Europeans).. oh well..

I tend to agree that continental Europeans (e.g. French, Italians, Spaniards, etc) tend to have more relaxed rules about sunbathing, but I strongly believe this is another piece of rubbish journalism that should not exist. Instead perhaps Gulf News should forward the voices of these angry Brits towards the UK Embassy in Dubai or David Milliband himself at the FCO.

Honestly, it's a completely internal British matter.


Lirun said...


common man.. iran - the most influential country in your region - is now going through an overhall.. surely there is more that can be said about how this may impact the UAE.. i mean if irans society can rise up to demand its democratic rights be honoured - is this not any concern for a territory in which voting rights are resticted and national leaders are not really open to being subjected to election?

other than a token vigil post - is there no concern about the spill over affect that this may or may not have?

does the blog really need yet another boobyflash post?

i ask it genuinely with no intention to offend you..

take care man

Abs said...

I don't understand why they're complaining. The British government only has the right to warn British citizens, they can't issue a warning to "all Europeans"!

Dubai Jazz said...

Relevance is a very rare commodity these days: Brits express anger at their government through a UAE newspaper, an Israeli asks UAE residents on a UAE blog to give commentary about Iranian affairs...and so on...

BuJassem said...

Hi Lirun, how ru doing?
I guess the subject is clear, but what is not is my background on this topic.
By this I mean my years in the UK and how the Brits do not see themselves as European when it could harm them. Also it's aimed at Gulf News to really clean up its act (this story was on their front page in print).

The post is not about a boobflash or whatever you call it but it's about the reasons behind the articles which is that this is an internal matter, and would be more appropriate to be published in The Sun or The Mirror, etc.

As for Iran.. well this should be the subject of another post as this is unrelated to this one. And yes, I am concerned, especially because the mother of one of my best friends is stranded in Tehran without contact (cell phones are jammed, net is slowed down).

How about this? What if we ask every UAE resident to swear alleagance towards Sunni Islam?

Surely Iranian residents and other settlers will be up in arms... But is it relevant, no!

BuJassem said...

PS: Iran is big, but Israel is definitely the most influential country in the middle east.

with the 4th most powerful army, loads of Nobel laureates, amazing R&D and impressive organisations it's easy to see why. Most of the guys here worry if they will be hungry in Ramadan or if McDonalds is really halal.

Anonymous said...

I love how my post, that included nothing but true attributes of a British person, was not approved. And you all call Iran a dictatorship.

BuJassem said...


Dubai Jazz said...

wow.... that video made me very angry...

BuJassem said...

ABIT.. what post was not approved?

Iran is a democratic dictatorship (historically), i.e. voters choose which dictator to elect, and this is under the masterful eye of a master-dictator.. but don't worry, it's all democratic :)

Lirun said...

DJ - it made me angry too..

BuJ - now youve lost me for relevance..

BuJassem said...

Lirun my post was about Brits in the UAE, and you threw in Iran, so I threw in Israel's democratic processes...

who said anything about relevance?

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