10 June, 2009

Spiky Penguin Says It Has New Dubai Art Community

Just got an email today from a new site called Spiky Penguin. Might be of interest to some in the community. Here's what the email said:
Please let me take this opportunity to introduce you to Spiky Penguin, the UAE's leading art community.

Spiky Penguin provides members with the opportunity to speak directly to their target audience by means of uploading their personal portfolios onto the site. Visitors can view news, benefit from resources ranging from useful links to plugins, view directory listings for locations of art galleries, multimedia companies and more, or search through job listings.

Most recently Spiky Penguin announced its online advertising capabilities, enabling us to offer more visibility to clients. As such, we are offering introductory discounts on all advertisements booked during the months of June.
No idea if they're legit....

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manimalcruelty said...

actually checked out their site after seeing them at a cuban art exhibition at malecon about a month back, their exhibition listings are pretty useful. personally just want to see more contemporary exhibitions take place in dubai.

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