06 June, 2009

Burj Dubai Sweepstakes

Couple of years ago Secret Dubai made a blog where people were asked to give their guesses for the height of the Burj. I am not sure if this is final, but according to Wikipedia the Burj is now topped out at 818 Meter.

Nobody wins.

P.S. I'm a loser for remembering this.


Media Junkie said...

haha. height is relative anyhow. once it's built, something else will top it. meh. i don't care. looks like a giant needle - like something out of LOTR.

Grumpy Goat said...

Something out of LOTR? That would be Dubaisengard

hemlock said...

MJ!!! vat blasphemy!!! it looks like NOTHING out of LOTR!

your comment though, sounds like something peregrin took would say =P

Anonymous said...


"However, a source told the publication that Bill Baker, a structural engineer at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Burj Dubai's architect, had "let slip" that the final height would be the combination of the Empire State Building (448.7 metres) and the Sears Tower (442 metres).

That would bring the world’s tallest tower/building/structure to a grand total of 890.7 metres."

Courtesy Maktoob + Architects Journal, UK

BuJassem said...

DJ u should know the spire is telescopic , as per emaar, and can be raised and lowered at will (of al abbar). this means the height is not fixed and everyone is a loser hehehehe

Media Junkie said...

or maybe winner? if it's adjustable than anyone could win if adjusted to said height.

Dubai Jazz said...

Bu Jassem,
"and can be raised and lowered "

I didn't know that, thanks. But that's no good, I guess. It'll give more grounds to the silly comments about the phallic implications of the Burj.

BuJassem said...

oh 7ayyak DJ.... well if that's the case, the Turks will be proud :P

Media Junkie.. oops, that's a classic case of cup half empty... thanks for the head's up.. you're right,, there can be many whiners, i mean winners!

Dubai Jazz said...

The Wikipedia entry seems to have relied on this article:


Anonymous said...

Oh well DJ, if it was reported by Business24/7 then it must be fact, if it had been Gulf News I would have had my doubts!

With National Editor moving upstairs does that mean he will become supremo over 24/7 and AMG's mouthpiece radio station? http://www.arabmediagrouponline.com/English/News/Pages/NewsDetails.aspx?newsId=1067

Anonymous said...

Totally off subject, but youmay know a good home for this to be posted from:



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