06 June, 2009

Emirati Fashion Photographer Holds Second Solo Exhibition

Ironically, fashion photography is an industry primarily dominated by men, so it's particularly interesting that a young Emirati woman has successfully entered the field...
Emirati fashion photographer Fatma Abdullah’s second solo exhibition opens Sunday June 7 and runs until the end of the month at Wafi’s Khan Murjan Gallery in Dubai.

Ms Abdullah, who has been fascinated by photography since early childhood, obtained a Higher Diploma in Communication Art from Higher Colleges of Technology in 2001 and, in 2003, established her own photography company, Lady Design.

"I've always felt my camera can speak on my behalf ­- it interprets my feelings effortlessly and delivers my messages accurately."
Anyone interested in attending the exhibition openning can RSVP on th Lady Design facebook page.

Click here to read a Gulf News profile by Fatma Salem

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1 comment:

Al-ain Rose said...

Good for Fatoom, but really I'm not interested in what she's interested in, I wish I could be...

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