01 June, 2009

Coming soon: PSP Go

Good news for fans of the PSP:

Japan's Sony Corp plans to sell a smaller and lighter PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld game machine later this year, according to video game web sites...The new device, dubbed the PSP Go, is 43 per cent lighter than the current model and comes with a 3.8-inch display, compared with a 4.3 inch screen now, according to the video clip on YouTube...the PSP Go will go on sale this autumn, although the current model, the PSP 3000 will remain in the market.

More on the new model here.

Any takers?


Anonymous said...

smells like a press release attempt. who is media junkie?

Media Junkie said...

not a press release. i have my own blog and i contribute regularly here. i like gadgets and thought it would be intereasting to put up here.

if it smells like a press release, than that's your call.

Magnus said...

I wonder about the interest to the community and the relevance to the site? If there was a UAE release date or launch party... maybe.

Is gadget/tech news something you all want here? If so I can post plenty :-)

Anonymous said...

Magnus, I don't think it's completely irrelevant.. might interest some people. I just don't like to see PR's taking over this blog.. hence my original question of it being a press release type of thing. Media junkie said it ain't and I'm not the police, so hey.. cool :)

I have a PSP (for traveling on budget airlines). Didn't really end up using it anyway :)

Anonymous said...

A bit late but am surprised not to see this on this website.


Dubai property scandal claim emerges amid media blackout

Fake picture allegations and a member of the ruling family linked to a £428 million Dubai property row that has touched nerves across the city

By Heerkani Chohan

“Fake” pictures are at the heart of a property scandal that could harm the reputation of the once-booming real estate market in Dubai.

A major property development firm with links to the ruling family of the UAE city-state, and the firm’s marketing agency, are accused by investors, many of whom are UK citizens, of obtaining millions of pounds through the use of false construction photographs.

On Thursday, after local and regional media had been alerted to the situation by angry investors, news agencies across the city said they were silenced by senior representatives of the Government of Dubai, as orders were issued for reports of the storm to be pulled.

Magnus said...

Not completely irrelevant, I agree, but kind of on the fringe of what I thought this blog was about. If it was the UAE launch of the thing, to which anyone could come, then okay. But perhaps my view of what the site is for is not shared by everyone and that's okay too of course ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi i am interested in the PSP GPS only. Is it available in the UAE, and if yes please mail me on jude_w711223@hotmail.com many thanx

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