05 June, 2009

Full Text of Obama's Speech -- Middle East

Read it here (via The National)
or Listen to it (via Talkislam/WNYC)


Al-ain Rose said...

What's new? .... nothing. But I think that he's way better than Bush at giving a puplic speech & handling the audience, smart when responding to special situations.

unJane said...

I think the National Anthem of Arabs should be the Janet Jackson number "What Have You Done For Me Lately". I see a trend amongst all the blog commentators to find nothing inspiring and to sit back and wait and complain instead of wanting to pitch in and make a difference. There is an interesting column in today's GN news by Fawaz Turki. I hope you will consider it.

Anonymous said...

Apologies to the post author, but I have an urgent need - Does anyone know where you can sell off your furnitue in Dubai? Any service that comes to your place to assess value of goods and transport them off? Many thanks in advance.

rosh said...

Puppet show.

Newlywed Shor said...

What in your life is not a puppet show, Rosh? An expert in puppet shows?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 9:34 GN usually has ads of this type.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a statesman, much better at public relations then his predecessor Bush. Although I'd like to think he's being genuine, as many have stated, it's actions that count and not pretty words.

He kept on talking about democracy, yet before his speech he was in Saudi smooching with King Abdullah, and then he was being hosted by Hosni Mubarak, perhaps two of the worlds biggest despots, kind of ironic if you ask me.

The biggest hightlight of his speech for me was the admission of US interference in ousting the democraticaly elected Government of Dr. Mossadegh in Iran.

I hope he's being genuine, but even if he is, he has way too many hurdles both foreign, and domestic in the form of conservatives and lobby groups such as AIPAC.

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 9.34
There is no service as such. What few there were have been wiped out due to recession. If there is an old goods shop in your area you could ask them... leave pamphlets in Spinneys etc. Old goods shops tend to pay very little - less than AED500 for entire furniture in a house. Karama has some little shops, very close to the municipality and the Karama centre, tucked in between two car mechanics.

For things that might be of interest to others -like a sofa or a car- the best way to sell your things is souq.com or dubizzle. That was my experience.

amazingsusan said...

There are striking similarities between this speech and one made by Bill Clinton in the aftermath of 9/11. Excerpts of that speech and my recent commentary can be found here:

It also strikes me that whenever a politician speaks (regardless of their country of origin), many of us quickly react with cynicism, probably because we've heard lots of empty promises before. It could be that this is more of the same.

However, regardless of whether Obama and the US take action in line with what he says in his speech, I think he has done a good job of outlining the issues in what appears to me to be a balanced way. That in itself is a step forward.

Lirun said...

in which case i invite you to check out my friends project that i have been working with him on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEv4g0ms3X4 and if you care about at all then contribute:


i havent been bothering you guys for a while now.. im sure uve all welcomed the break :) but if you really care.. if its genuine.. then i welcome you to support projects involving those that are a part of this and yet want to change it for the better.. rather than just listening to speeches..

Queen Jameelah said...

Perhaps as an American born Muslim, with parents from Ethiopia, Jamaica, Oman, and America, I found Obama's speech triumphant. I worked on Obama's campaign in the states and I think many ppl fail to realize what has been accomplished, the fact that the American history is a nasty history and someone from his disposition and background is not the current commander and chief is mind boggling. I personally commended the speech and was extremely proud that a president of the United States has crossed cultural and religious barrier lines to reach out to a community that has been marginalized way too long.

However, I do find ppl to be some what naive if they think that one man can change the political environment of the US. Obama came to office in a really crappy time, where the average American is fighting to maintain health care, his or her job, maintain a house, and so forth, there is way to much to be done nationally before Obama can seriously address the issues abroad. And as an organizer Obama understand even more so the power of ppl uniting and demanding change, so it is our responsibility to start implementing change and not being so complacent and this goes for all through out the world since American Policies sadly affect all...

Just my two cents, I enjoyed his speech.

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