28 June, 2009

Camp Champ...

A heartwarming, slightly quirky story:

Sweet melodies are soaring above the usual banging and crashing at building sites around Dubai as labourers prepare their vocal chords for their own version of "Pop Idol".

The singing contest for the thousands of people living in workers' camps in the Gulf emirate will stage its first auditions on July 3, local media reported on Sunday.

Workers from five companies and living in more than 50 camps will take part in auditions for the third edition of Western Union Camp Ka Champ, whose title means "Champ from the Camp", according to the reports.

"The contest was developed to give labour camp residents an opportunity to discover their singing talent," the paper said, citing organisers.

More here.

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Abu Dhabi Blogger said...

I read about this yesterday and was delighted to see something like this. The magnitude of happiness and motivation they would derive from something like this would be truly remarkable. Good job.

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