28 June, 2009

Feed changes

I have placed the RSS/atom feed for this blog through feedburner, hopefully everything is ok, if anyone has any problems with the feed let me know via comments.
Also if you'd like any services etc added to the feed feel free to comment.

If you don't use feeds for blogs then everything should remain the same.


Media Junkie said...

same thing that's happening to my blog feed - new posts don't show up or are delayed on the blogger dashboard, nor do they update fast enough on the blogroll widget.

samuraisam said...

Media Junkie:
I received this post on my RSS/feed reader 2 minutes after it was posted, there is very little delay and on the whole the blogrolls seem to update quickly enough (though for blogs outside google/blogspot there will obviously be some delay)

It could relate to your blog being hosted outside of blogspot.

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