13 June, 2010

Trouble brewing at Discovery Gardens

There's an interesting report from Bloomberg just surfacing.

Nakheel PJSC, the Dubai World construction unit that received state cash to pay contractors and suppliers, may leave residents without air conditioning as it hasn’t agreed to foot the bill.
Occupants of Discovery Gardens, a Nakheel development spanning 26 million feet that includes over one hundred apartment blocks, may find their homes uninhabitable when Palm Utilities cuts off the air conditioning on June 15 as temperatures surpass 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit).

"Due to the building owner’s continuing failure to enter into a legally binding contract with us, we have served on the building owner a ‘Notice of Disconnection’ of chilled water supply," Palm Utilities unit Palm District Cooling said in posters put up in the entrance and lift of Discovery Gardens Building 107. "Chilled water supplied to this building to service the building’s air conditioning will be disconnected on Tuesday 15 June 2010."

One to watch.

The Bloomberg report is here.


Bloomberg have updated their report to tell us that the dispute is resolved.

"An error has been rectified," a spokesperson for Nakheel said by e-mail. "No utilities will be cut off."

Good news and a huge relief for the residents.

(Sam, thanks for adding your edit, you just beat me too it).

Edit by samuraisam: dispute is now resolved.

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samuraisam said...

It's already happened this year; apparently it doesn't affect all buildings (at least that's what my friend living their said). They had their AC cut off for a few days because of it.

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