30 September, 2007

Abyad in Abu Dhabi

An AFP article in today's online Melbourne Age reports that Abu Dhabi is about to get a new taxi fleet - London cabs especially built and customised for "the often blazing hot climate of the Gulf".

Part of the upgrades includes a colour change from the traditional London taxi colour of black to a cooler white.

I wonder if the taxi drivers will also have to pass The Knowledge before they can get behind the wheel? ;-)


Anonymous said...

? y copy? y not b original?

Dubai Blogger said...

Are old school designs safe? Forget the materials I mean just the blond-spots etc seem to be worse on older cars. I used to have a '69 Mercedes. It was fast and fun to drive. But it did not have the visibility of my '89 Mazda . The last things anyone needs are Taxi Drivers in cars that have more blind spots. I am sure the engineering is modern but the shape does factor into the safety equation.

nick said...

Surely 'The Knowledge' will have to be adapted.
After all, "first U-turn after the mosque opposite new Choitram at Al Wasl road and then right" qualifies as address here.

Katib said...

Nothing new in this part of the world! Old wine in a new bottle with a higher price tag!

As far back as the 80's or even earlier the Bur Dubai taxi stand which was once located behind the heritage village and in between the present day Carrefour had these white London Taxi's.

You just had shell out Dh 1 to share a ride to Jumeriah in one of those.

Those men in those days had the knowledge unlike the fresh off the plane drivers!

secretdubai said...

The problem is with The Knowledge is that potential taxi drivers learn the streets of London over 2-3 years (or whatever) then go for their test.

In Dubai, you'd never manage to learn the roads. They're completely different from one month to the next, let alone after several years. It would be like memorising the Qu'ran if the entire book was rewritten every week ;)

Anonymous said...

good point SD but please...don't bring the Qu'raan into this. There are many other examples and comparisons you could have made.

Emirati said...

yes anon, SD meant to sabotage Islam and desecrate the muslim umma with her comment.

ammaro.com said...

the drivers will need "the knowledge"

that soudns so sci-fi.

anyhow, i think the cars lost their class when painted white. the black ones dont show dents, bumps, the lines through the doors, etc, and the car ends up looking sorta classy. but in white, the car just looks old.

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