15 September, 2007

No more smoking in Dubai malls

In Emirates Today we can read: "Dubai’s shopping centres are advising smokers to step outside today as the ban on lighting up in malls takes effect. Smoking will not be tolerated in any areas of the mall including food courts and coffee shops following a Dubai Municipality order."

As a non-smoker that sounds very nice, but do you really think it will be enforced?

The article says, "... special Dubai Municipality inspectors have been deployed in most malls to ensure the rules are followed. Anyone caught lighting up will be ordered to leave. If they fail to comply, police will be called."


Kyle said...

If they fail to comply, police will be called.

To do what? Charge the offender with a misdemeanor & draw up a rap sheet?


And all those outlets in these malls, will they continue selling smokes or stop stacking them in their racks?

Arabized said...

thank god! finally.

Humairah Irfan said...

This is excellent news!! Can't wait to see it in effect in other public places as well

fellow atheist said...

I was at Burjuman yesterday. I was only able to spot one person smoking up an escalator.

I sat at Seattle's Best where I can walk out (there is a door that takes you outside the mall from the same floor) to smoke my cancer stick.

I think it's good to have no-smoking malls.

Anonymous said...

ET's Straight Talk has a piece on how "smonkers are the coolest, trendiest people around " and why smoking shouldnt be banned in malls, as smokers help the conomy by spending money on "Cigarettes, clothes and shoes".

Feel like banging my head, regardless of whether it is sarcasm, or if the guy really meant it"

Lirun said...

good news - studies indicate that these laws tend to reduce teenage smoking rates

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