26 September, 2007

RTA's Ramadan Reset

Last year during Ramadan, RTA's Mattar Al Tayer announced a 3 year plan to complete Dubai's major roading infrastructure projects.

At this year's Ramadan Majlis organised by the Dubai Press Club, he's reset the timeline - again to 3 years.

Will this be RTA's ongoing Ramadan gift to Dubai - a 3 year promise for better roading?

Some of the legislation that will be reviewed:
Applying restrictions on car ownership and registration
Resetting the criteria of certain job holders for applying for driving licence (All over the UAE)
Switching some of the congested areas to exclusive pedestrian zones
Designating special lanes for cyclists and buses
Introducing Mobility Management Policy, including initiatives such as: Mass transport mode for employees; encouraging car pooling; adopting variable working hours (in Dubai)

Read the whole article here.


Avaya said...

3 years? do they realize that things aren't going to get better whilst we wait for them to make things better?

ali900 said...

the RTA will take its OWN sweet time :)

Yucum said...

Fuck the RTA! what calendar are they following?

bedbug (i caught it on the bus) said...

Those comments sound very bitter. The RTA is doing their best. Please give them a chance. I have one very humble suggestion. Since the RTA has put such an excellent Public Transport system in place and is constantly improving it, the RTA employees should be an example for all others to follow.

With immediate effect, all RTA employees, from top to bottom, should begin using public transport to travel to and from work, as well as for shopping and personal errands. There should be no exceptions. After all this is the best way to test your own product--by using it. Then we will all be sure that the RTA has confidence in the Public Transport system.

RTA, what do you say?

Seabee said...

I just loved Mr Al Tayer's comment "We have to review our plans because of rapid changes and massive development in Dubai."

Only the RTA hadn't got wind of the developments, hadn't read about the plans for Dubai, hadn't noticed what was going on. The whole thing caught them by surprise!

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